One Thousand Lives

I read this quote a few months ago: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; a man who never reads lives only one.” It is by George R. R. Martin, I believe, but I have not read any of his novels yet. I thought the concept was brilliant, and I’ve been wanting to start a blog about movies, books, and television shows, and my thoughts on them. So, here we are, with a blog titled after that magnificent quote, and I’ve finally begun writing about my passions.

I don’t promise to be any sort of professional reviewer or anything of the sort, but I do have some experience with writing and essays (thank you, English degree). Other than that, I’m just a girl who spends far too much time watching movies and tv, and reading countless books over the years. In my opinion, though, there can never be too much time spent on those three!

I recently took advantage of a free month of Netflix (hoo-ray for freebies!), and I’ve got a whole queue of shows to watch. Here’s to hoping I can fit them all in the month!

Anyways, I started with Sherlock. It was one of those shows where you start watching skeptically, thinking, “What’s this that everyone is raving about?” Then, three days and nine hours of episodes later, your life is changed forever. The Reichenbach Fall is a bleak memory, a black hole of sorrow and misery and tears, but you keep going back for more because there’s only SIX FREAKING EPISODES and you finally understand why Moffat is the greatest troll alive. This is one of those series that will stick with you for a long, long time.

FangirlingShall I take a moment to worship the magnificence that is Benedict Cumberbatch? Yes, he is ridiculously attractive (shall we take a moment of silence to stare deep into those eyes?) in an atypical way (what about his cheekbones?). This aside, Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor, and he really shows all of the facets of Sherlock Holmes in those six episodes. You can see the intelligence on his face, and the minute little expressions that he has really adds to the dynamic character that is Sherlock. Even with those insane deductions that he has to rattle off at an inhuman speed, he holds it together and delivers each word with precision.

Now, lest I stray to far into fangirl territory (who am I kidding, I was there five minutes into the first episode), I would also like to draw attention to the great scripting and filming by everyone not on screen. Moffat, as mentioned before, knows how to tell a story. I’m starting to understand how the internet can love and hate him so much at the same time.

I eagerly await Series 3, and I pity those who have come before me and have been waiting even longer than I. Good Lord, help us all.

Now that I’ve finished this show, I’ve moved on to Doctor Who. I’m sure I’m about to fall headlong into another obsession. Join me as I fall into the blessed arms of insanity!


I'd love to hear from you! Comment below and we can fangirl, rant, or cry over whatever it is that strikes our fancy. I truly appreciate each and every comment, and I'd love to chat!

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