Writing to Music

Hello there! Today’s will be just a short post: I’ve got the creative juices flowing and I don’t want writer’s block to set in again! As a quick background to me, I’ve wanted to be an author since my freshman year in high school, and I wrote my first novel in NaNoWriMo of 2010. In NaNo 2012, I finished my second novel, which I am now returning to and editing, and hope to pursue publishing in the near future.

While I was writing, the only song – and I mean the ONLY – that I could write to and actually have something intelligent come out was Running Up That Hill, as sung by Placebo. Anything else, the first note even, would shut up the dam and writers’ block would descend.

Now that I’m editing, the only song I can edit to (and have something even more legible appear) is Sail by AWOLNATION. I heard it on the Vikings commercial, and I’ve had it on repeat on Youtube for the last two hours. It’s the weirdest thing ever.

Well – off to edit some more!

Do you have to listen to a specific set of songs or single song while you’re writing/editing?

4 thoughts on “Writing to Music

    • I’ll admit that I had to google that one; I don’t recognize many of the songs, but I do like Let Go by Frou Frou. My sister performed to that song (one of her first dances on pointe!), so I’ve got some nice associations with that one 🙂

      • I agree with the Garden State soundtrack mentioned above — it’s one of those that you can always have on in the background, and it somehow encourages productivity. I always seem to randomly run across people who also LOVE the soundtrack. It’s been one of my favorites for years.

  1. Hey! I’m Skaely, as we share the same cabin for Camp Nano I’ve thought I could drop a word here! Running Up that Hill by Placebo is also one of my favorite song but I also listen to Two Steps from Hell while writing. It’s epic and with no lyrics so my mind doesn’t wander away 😉 Currently I’m obsessed by Warrior by Beth Crowley. And I noticed you listen to Within Temptation and Nightwish who are part of my favorite bands!
    And just like you I write since my childhood and I’v always wanted to be an author/writer!

    Btw you have a nice blog even if I haven’t yet read it all!
    I wish you the best!

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