Sacrifice – S8E23 – Supernatural

Last night was my first live season finale with Supernatural – I started watching in March on Netflix and caught up for the last few episodes of the current season. I’ve known from past finales that they’re usually one of two things: heartbreaking or WTF inducing. Once I settled down after watching this episode (twice), I’ve decided that this one is a solid WTF with a healthy dose of heartbreak – in a great way.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead]

I really won’t break down every single minor detail (you can head to tumblr for that – they’ve already gone crazy over there. Enter at your own risk), since I’d have to watch the episode a few more times to get every single frame processed in my head. There are a few things that stood out to me, though.

One: Naomi was a great villain, and I wanted to see her taken down, but not that way! She became a much deeper character in this episode, and my first judgements turned out to be wrong. I’m still not convinced that she’s dead, though: there was no angel wing scorch mark. There’s obviously some damage (hello – huge needle in the back of her head), but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

Two: Dean and Cas finally had their somewhat-reconciliation. It wasn’t a huge, emotional flood of screaming and making up, which I applaud the writers for. It was understated, and done where Dean is most comfortable – at a bar. I’m sure there will be some more things that need working out in Season 9, but it was a start, and at least Dean doesn’t hate Cas anymore. (Or does he? There’s a theory flying around that when Dean says, “Cas, no,” at the end of the episode, it’s because he believes Cas is responsible for the angels falling. I’m inclined to endorse this theory, but we’ll have to wait until the hiatus is over to find out for sure).

Three: Dean and Sam and Winchester feels ahoy. That last scene when Dean stops Sam from completing the third trial was powerful. Jared’s acting was spot on, as was Jensen’s. The pain was so believable that I was *almost* in tears. Not quite on this episode, but they got me close. Sam believes that his worst sin is failing Dean? Kill me now.

Four: The angels. THE ANGELS. Falling from heaven. All of them?? And Metatron (I knew that man was up to something) ripping out Cas’ grace??? This was the last five minutes of the episode, and I think I heard my heart burn up in the core of the earth after it dropped when those credits hit. “The angels… they’re falling.” Sam is half dead and Cas knows what’s happening because he wouldn’t cry if he didn’t remember and then it goes BLACK. There are too many strings left loose, and I don’t want to wait five months for more!

Angry Fangirl Becky

I think we should all take a cue from the canon fangirl and give this look to Jeremy Carver. While you sir, have written a fantastic finale, I better have some answers come episode 9.01!

Now, here are my two issues with the episode. This first one is more of an issue with the fandom, actually. I’ve already seen several Destiel posts on tumblr about the scene in the bar where the cupid spikes two gay men. I have no issues with that – no homophobia here at all. HOWEVER, now many are saying that Dean finally sees that you can be a manly, gruff dude and still be gay. I don’t want to get into a shipping war here, but I’ll just say this: I don’t ship Destiel because there is more than romantic love. People seem to forget about the bond between brothers (blood or not): the love between friends and family. In my opinion, those kinds of love are stronger than any sexual/romantic relationship could ever be.

My second issue? The off-handed way in which the female characters were treated in this episode. We don’t even know if Jody Mills survived the hex bag or not, Mama Tran only got a single, passing line to confirm her death, and we were deprived of the badass scene in which Naomi would undoubtedly give Metatron hell before finally succumbing. This seems to be a running joke in the fandom (“If you’re female you get two episodes before we kill you off, or we just forget to wrap up your story line”), and in this case I have to agree. Writers of Supernatural, can we get a bit more respect for the amazing women that you include in the show? Please?

This post ended up being longer than I intended, so I’ll stop there. I had a fantastic time watching all the live blogging, fangirling online after the episode ended, and cradling each other as the reality set in that we are now 126 days away from the premier of season 9. There were some issues, but this episode was one of the best of Season 8, and might I also give a nod to the graphics in this episode? The falling angels were so beautiful I almost forgot that I was supposed to be upset.

Anyway, good luck my Wayward Sons and Daughters! There will be no peace for us, no place to lay our weary heads, but we will always carry on.

Alcohol Cas


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