A Day in Pasadena

On Saturday I mentioned that I would be spending the day at the Huntington Library in Pasadena on Sunday afternoon. Good news: no sunburn! Well, maybe a little one. Just a bit of pink on my cheeks and shoulders though!

We had a lot more fun than I expected, and this was partly due to the fact that my grandma was in a wheelchair. Wait – I promise I’m not a sociopath! There were a lot of rocky paths and grass expeditions, and I took over pushing her through all of the gardens and up and down hills. We had a blast, and after almost tipping her over a few times, I got the hang of it and we cruised all over the place. It was a great workout too: I really had to dig in with my legs when going uphill on the grass, rather than just let my own momentum push her. Another plus? I could say I was sweaty from pushing her around, and not just from the awful heat that’s creeping up on us Southern Californians. She’s a frequent visitor at the Library, and while we were inside the art galleries (I made sure not to go crazy with the chair inside – scout’s honor!), she had a lot of interesting facts that we talked about.

Tea was hilarious as well. The food was fantastic: sandwiches with tuna, egg salad, chicken salad, salmon and cream cheese, crackers with brie, fruit that was incredibly fresh (mmm blueberries), and tiny little desserts that were one bite so you felt less terrible eating ten of them. There was also this iced blackberry black tea; oh my it was like drinking the nectar of the gods. What was hilarious then, you ask? The plates were not much larger than my hand. And I have really small hands. Luckily, it was a buffet, so you could get up and down as often as you liked, but there was a bit of embarrassment at first at revisiting the plates eight times. After the third trip, though, we kind of reached the point where we said, “We’re hungry, we won’t ever see these people again, and we are not spending $30 for a plate of fruit, a glass of tea, and two finger sandwiches. Dig in!” Plus, it must run in the bloodline or something, but we all get really grumpy if we don’t eat, my mom and me in particular.

The weather, while hot, was breezy enough that we still enjoyed ourselves. Most everything was outside except for the art, so we spent about three hours walking the grounds. It was a clear day, and really just an enjoyable afternoon. There were bees – I hate bees – so I spent most of my time looking at the roses from a few feet away. One large dome was very humid: I got out of there as quickly as possible. My favorite, though, was the Japanese garden. There was a large pond with several koi fish; I took my grandma’s camera after making sure the chair was locked, and spent about fifteen minutes getting some close up shots. Sadly, I don’t have the pictures on my computer… They were gorgeous though!

Our last stop was the gift shop (what day is complete without visiting one of these?). To my surprise, I actually found something useful, and it wasn’t the usual tourist trappings. Here are my spoils:


A tea pot from Tea Forte; cherry blossoms are my favorite!

First Lines Literature Mug

Of course, I needed a mug to hold my new tea! There are first lines from some great novels in history printed all over it. (As a side note: the makers of this mug also sell a mug that has a TARDIS appearing when you fill it with warm liquid! I think I’ll need another $15…)

With my Bird Pick tea that I purchased during my last trip to Pasadena, I made a wonderful brew for myself. The mug is quite large, so I’m not constantly up and down to refill the thing. Also, the teapot says “brews enough for two,” but I didn’t listen to that part. Nobody touches my tea.


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