Have you ever had that moment while writing…

Where you get so lost in the scene that you cease to type words, and instead write down the movie that’s happening in your head? If someone tries to talk to you, you can’t hear them, because you’re hearing whatever is going on in that movie? You’re no longer playing God, directing your characters, but just a medium through which they tell their own stories?

This happened to me yesterday, and it is perhaps the most magical moment that can happen as a writer.

It doesn’t happen all the time: sometimes I have to drag the words out of myself to create a horrid three sentence paragraph that can take an hour to write. There’s the self discipline needed to write every day, and that’s something I learned during April’s Camp NaNo. Writing isn’t always easy: that’s the sad truth. It isn’t always fun, but then there are these special, rare moments.

Last night, there was this moment where I finished the chapter, ending at 1500 words more than I had expected or even outlined: they just appeared. It was like stumbling across this present that maybe wasn’t meant for me, but I was given it anyway. Sometimes I think, “This isn’t my story. There is no way I could create this. This character broke through the crack in space and time and is whispering in my ear.” But then, there is no crack in space and time (that’s what they tell us, anyway. Lies, I say), and what I type is straight from my head.

It’s this realization that makes everything worth it. The wanting to throw my laptop out the window because I’ve stared at a blinking cursor for the last hour and a half, the procrastinating on tumblr and chat rooms, complaining with other writers but doing nothing to fix it, watching an entire tv series and kicking myself because how can I create something that will cause thousands of people to be such rapid and incredible fans. It all goes away when I write those 2K words, the ones that change the direction of the entire novel, or a character that reveals their truth self in just a few paragraphs.

That’s why I keep writing, no matter how discouraged or frustrated I get: those magical moments. The desire to see something more, because every day I surprise myself with what comes out, and I want to see what else is tucked away.


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