Eisley’s Currents

Every once in a while, I come across a unique album that is just perfect to write to while listening. A few of my go-to noveling albums include Babel (Mumford & Sons), Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin), Night Visions (Imagine Dragons), and of course my Lord of the Rings Pandora station. Released on May 28 is another album I’ve added to this short list: Currents by Eisley.

I heard about these guys when I picked up the music issue of Nylon magazine while I was on a really long road trip and was incredibly bored. I’ll be honest: Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine) was on the cover, and there was a free 25-song playlist available for download, and that was the only reason I bought it. I was flipping through the pages, and they had features on several different bands, one being Eisley. I decided to look them up because the album cover was beautiful and that’s how I buy my music nowadays (case in point: Night Visions).

As it turned out, my methods work! I bought their first album, Room Noises, which is full of fantastic, whimsical imagery – great for listening to while writing a fantasy novel. I recommend taking a look at that one as well. The second album, Combinations, I borrowed from a friend, and that one was okay (read: I hardly listen to it). The Valley, their third album, I didn’t even bother to purchase, and I kind of forgot about the band for a while except on the frequent occasions when I can’t sleep and Room Noises doubles as a playlist that will send me right off to bed.

Anyway, I follow them on Facebook, and they’ve been teasing their new album’s release for quite some time. Again: beautiful artwork. As you can see from the picture I added to this post, it’s kind of moody and mystical and underwater – adjectives that all appeal to me greatly. So, following my tried-and-true method, I decided to preview the 30 second clips that Amazon provides.

I think it took me three clips before I pressed the “buy now” button. Moody, mystical, and underwater is exactly how I would describe the sound of this album. It reminds me of Room Noises, but while Room Noises was airy, Currents conveys that feeling of tranquility that you get those rare times when you can hold your breath underwater extra long and you just float there like you’re suspended in time. That’s really the only way I can describe it. Its constant sound that ebbs and flows, like a current, is steady enough that you won’t be broken out of a writing frenzy by a clashing cymbal or bass line.

I highly recommend taking a look at the album, or at least a track or two. It doesn’t really matter which one: I enjoy all of them equally! Also, if you decide to purchase it, I’d recommend spending the extra $2 and get the three acoustic tracks from the deluxe edition.

My final verdict?

Moriarty Eargasm


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