City of Bones

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a book that I actually wanted to keep instead of selling it back to my local used bookstore. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is not only a book that entertained me while I took a break from reading my book lists for the classes I teach next year, but it’s also a book that I definitely will not be selling back! (I know I’m really behind on this train but forgive me please??)

I’ll say this right now: there are some books that you read because it’s a classic, or destined to be one, and there are others that you read because it’s just damn good storytelling, in the sense that it’s entertaining, even if you have to put aside your nitpicky critical self for a moment. “City of Bones” is of the latter: I was entertained the entire time, and literally screeched when I shut the book because cliffhangers suck.

The characters were interesting, and fairly well developed in my opinion. While there was a few elements to Clary, the main protagonist, that I guessed before they were revealed in the book, I still appreciated her character and voice. With Jace, another main character, I actually hadn’t pegged down the “big reveal”, which was a pleasant surprise, but I still refuse to believe it! Alec and Isabelle, the siblings in the book, were great secondary characters as well. I would have liked to see some more of Alec, though I have a feeling that will happen in the sequels. There’s something about him that I can’t pin down, but I knew from chapter five that he was going to be a favorite of mine.

One thing about all four characters: I found it hard to believe that they were hardly sixteen years old! The more books I read, the more I think I might have been a very different fifteen year old than the average… Anyway, I kind of convinced myself that they were eighteen-ish, and carried on with that mindset. Totally acceptable, right?

As far as the love triangle, I’ve never been a huge fan of that device, but I felt that it was handled reasonably well in this book. We’ll see how it progresses in the sequels. This just brings me back to my point about the characters being barely-sixteen year old kids… I just always go back to “how can a fifteen year old have two boys chasing after her when I can’t even manage one at eighteen!” Ah, the bitterness.

The premise was original, and there were several twists in the plot that I hadn’t seen coming, which is amazing and one thing that I always look for in a book. I’m totally immersed in the Shadowhunter world, and when I finished COB I couldn’t start Divergent, which I have sitting on my shelf right now!

Major book hangover. I may or may not have been laying on the floor crying because I felt dirty to start reading another series when I was in the middle of this one. Thank God I ordered the rest of the series, as well as the sequel to Divergent, but they won’t get here till THURSDAY.

You bastards balthazar

That’s four more days. FOUR. Amazon better get a move on it and ship faster!

Give it to me nowMy poor family. They have to deal with the writer’s blocked and book deprived me.

Nothing wrong with me

3 thoughts on “City of Bones

  1. Amazon Prime is amazing and has totally encouraged (or enabled, lol) my book addiction. Sometimes the books even come the next day when they say they’ll take two days. 🙂

    I felt similarly about City of Bones. It’s definitely not going to win any literary awards (sometimes the immaturity of the writing super bothered me — who says “dating” as a verb besides giggly twelve-year-olds? lol), but the storytelling was fantastic. Cassandra Clare can seriously tell a story. Also, I read the Clockwork Angel series, and it seems to me that Cassandra Clare polished her writing craft and did even better with that trilogy.

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