Amazon Finally Got Its Act Together

They’ve finally arrived!


Amazon took it’s sweet time with their shipping this go-round. Of course, that’s what I get when I’m too cheap to pay for actual shipping and take advantage of the super saver shipping, which has a 5-8 business day window. They’ve always gotten to me on the 5th day though, never the 8th! First world problems, people.

Now my bookshelves are well stocked and I can finish up the summer with some amazing reading!

What are some books that you plan to read over the summer?


4 thoughts on “Amazon Finally Got Its Act Together

  1. Hi Kayla, Nice stack of books – I’m thinking I should give City of Angels another try (attempted to read it a few years ago, but to me it read too much like HP fanfic). I’m reading The Six Train to Wisconsin right now, and next on my list is The Aviator’s Wife.
    Why the new look here on the blog? I like it.

    • I couldn’t sleep last night, and decided to fool around with photoshop. Plus, I figured that since I’m in this for the long haul I should have some personalization!

      I haven’t heard of either of those books; should I take a look at them?

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