Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my dad – my best friend and partner in crime. I could list a million reasons why he is the best father for me, but I’ll stick to just a few.

He’ll give me this look when I’m procrastination on my novel

Shouldn'tyoubewritingLokiHe gave me Lord of the Rings to read when I was eight years old, and always pushed me to read above and beyond my age and grade level

Belle ReadingHe never let me win at board games, until I properly kicked his butt on my own

ChessmanHe’s been Wholocked, but not Superwholocked (yet)

WholockHe’ll go see every new movie with me, and be just as excited as I am

Yay flynn riderHe works way more than a human being should so that my mom could stay home with my sister and me, yet still takes the time to hang out with me, even when he really just wants to do this

Leonard tiredHe’s always open to debate with me, and asks stupidly hard questions that make me think way too much in the wee hours of the morning

Merida adlkfdHe’s fiercely protective, and the safest place is right next to him

Catinhat will kill youI can make as many references to our favorite books, movies, and tv shows, and he will always be my Captain America

I Understood That ReferenceOne day I will get a six pack from all of our shenanigans

David Tennant ChairI may be able to fool my mom, but he can always tell when I’m upset, and 99.9% of the time knows the exact reason. The other .1% he’ll just give me a hug and I fall apart

Dean hugging Charlie

Once, I cut my hair in a really horrid style, and he sent me this picture periodically to remind me why I was growing it out again

Oh yes, good times were had with that disaster

Really he’s just an incredible person and I am so very blessed to be his daughter.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and to all other dads out there!

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