Mispronouncing Words

Alas, one downside to having a wide vocabulary due to reading is the pronunciation of your newly found words. I cannot count how many times I’ve been called out for pronouncing a word incorrectly, simply because I’ve only ever seen it written!

Here’s a list of words that I’ve horribly butchered when trying to use them in speech:

  • Lingerie: Apparently it’s “lawn-jur-eh” not “ling-er-y”
  • Homage: It’s “ohm-age” not “home-age”
  • Rendezvous: “Ron-day-voo” not “ren-dez-vow”
  • Hyperbole: “Hy-per-bowl-ee” instead of “hyper-bowl”
  • Omnipotent: “Om-nih-potent” rather than “om-nee-potent”

I’m sure there are a bunch more… I’ve forgotten them now though. It will probably happen again, and again. I think the English language is just sitting back like this:

Loki'dWhile I sit here like

Not Amused WinchestersAnd don’t get me started on words that sound weird if you say them too much. You know which one’s I’m talking about. bowl

Disgust TennantWhat words have you read, but then misused in speaking? Any words that taste weird when you say them too much?


4 thoughts on “Mispronouncing Words

  1. I totally know what you mean. Of course now that I’m trying to think of some words, I can’t come up with any. Except “moist”. I’m not a fan of the word “moist”, it tastes weird to me 🙂

  2. I cringe at the overuse of “basically,” and “epic” in our society, so I suppose those words taste weird when others say them too much.

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