Night by Elie Wiesel

This book is really little – my version was 109 pages long – but there is so much weight in every single word. I’ve read books about the Holocaust, studied it in history class at school, but none of them have hit me as hard as Night. I highly recommend this book, and give it an 8/10.

The emotion in every sentence is so clear, and I teared up many times while reading. Wiesel wrote in such a raw, blatant manner – nothing is held back. Every injustice, every horror: it’s all there. Seeing it through the eyes of a fifteen year old boy is much different than reading about it in a far-removed history book.

Out of the stacks of books I’ve read, not many have actually been hard to read, not in this way. Of course, there’s been the “this sucks I don’t even want to read another word” hard, but Night was a “this is hurting my heart and settling on my soul” hard. Like I said, it’s deceptively small in physical size, but the words are heavyweight champions: they’ll leave you black and blue all over after those 109 pages are done.

What books about the Holocaust have you read? What did you think of Night?


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