A New Rating System! (For Books)

I’ve been doing some thinking (as well as perusing some great book blogs), and I’ve decided to change the way I rate the books I read. As of right now, I’ve been using the x/10 method, but it’s pretty relative, and my 10/10 may be your 5/10! So, here’s my new system:

  • 6 – New favorite, earns a place on the shelf of glory; would 100% read again
  • 5 – I loved it! Will keep it, and read it again
  • 4 – I really liked it! Will probably keep/read again
  • 3 – I liked it. May or may not keep it/read again
  • 2 – It was okay. Won’t be keeping it
  • 1 – I had to force myself to finish it. Will not be keeping it or recommending to friends
  • 0 – Did not finish. Burn it! (Not really; sell it back instead)

It’s a bit more definitive and quantifiable, yeah? I’ll be keeping my movie reviews at x/10, for now, so this isn’t applicable to the big screen!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

PS: Tomorrow (the 29th) is my 18th birthday, so I probably won’t be posting! I’ll be back with *hopefully* an excellent day to share with you all!


4 thoughts on “A New Rating System! (For Books)

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Funny, I’m in the middle of reworking my rating system too! I’m not quite done figuring out my changes just yet, though ;). I like what you’ve come up with.

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