Happy Days!

And here I am – a newly dubbed adult! Yes, eighteen years of age as of yesterday. I know, it’s crazy!

Mind Blown HiddlestoneI worked in the morning, but after my shift my family took me out for the entire day – not telling me where we were going, of course. RUDE!

We went to an all you can eat sushi bar called Todai and stuffed our faces with delicious food. We pretty much waddled out of there… Mmm so good. Next was Balboa island, where we wandered around this one street that was lined both sides by a bunch of shops. There were a lot of sales, and I found a really cute Quicksilver top (in an amazing fabric that makes me so happy) for $15. By the way – Oreo Balboa bars are handmade by God. You should really get one if you’re ever in the area. I took a nap while we were waiting for the ferry, then picked up some really amazing Mexican food at Taco Loco. Sprinkles was our last stop, then we made our way back home and crashed.

It was an amazing day, and I’m glad they planned for me because I never would have thought to do half that!

While presents aren’t the most important part of a birthday, they do rock, because now I can get the fandom t-shirts I’ve been wanting!

The Tree of Gondor

Captain America

Plus, the Star Trek blu-ray ($9.99 on Amazon right now, fyi!), and the boxed set of the Percy Jackson books (also really cheap on Amazon – $20).

I’m giddy!

5 thoughts on “Happy Days!

  1. Wow,what an amazing birthday! And look at the presents, I’m so envy >o< hahaha congratulations 🙂 My 18th birthday wasn't so geeky like yours, but I hope my next birthday party will be.
    Happy birthday :3

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