Jane Eyre

Title: Jane Eyre
Author: Charlotte Bronte
Pages: 643
Publisher: Puffin Classics (1994)
Rating: 4/6

I read this book years ago, and loved it. Reading it again, I can see why! Getting used to the different language style took a bit, but after a few chapters I was right back into the poetic voice of Bronte. There’s just a beauty about her writing that’s enticing. I know we don’t talk like that now, and it’d get annoying to try and master their speech, but every once in a while I get on a kick where I want some high brow English. This does the trick!

In the middle, the plot meandered a bit, and I lost interest, but the first and last thirds of the book were spot on. The relationship between Jane and Mr. Rochester is swoon-worthy, and I can’t decide if I want a Mr. Rochester or a Mr. Darcy (sound off with your pick in the comments)! I’ve been leery of romance books lately, because of the hype and trite methods I’ve seen employed, but this was romance – sweep me off my feet and take me away on your horse. My favorite line?

Reader, I married him.

Chills. Little birds taking off in my chest. A smile on my face as I inhaled the last twenty pages. The works.

This is an old fashioned romance, blended with a tale of a woman finding her way as an adult in a society where she has chosen to work as a governess. Definitely a long read, but if you pace yourself it’s worth the time spent.

By the way, Happy Fourth of July for those in the US!


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