Can’t a Girl Ask for Paperback?

Most of my birthday money has gone to books this year, and in my many hours at used book stores and Barnes and Noble, I’ve discovered one trending habit: I really like paperback books.

It’s not for the price (though that really helps), but rather for the sensation of having a paperback book in my hand. It’s just so much softer and bendy – the textures are better. I’m really sensitive to certain sensations (I could go on and on about that, but we’ll save it for another day. As an overall statement, I have issues with processing certain senses, most of all touch and sound). With a hardback book, you get that scratchy, rough thing after you’ve held the book for a certain amount of time. Ugh. Paperbacks, though, with variances for size and paper quality, are so much better.

And here’s where my sensation-hating self gets on her high horse: Why can’t we have paperbacks and hardbacks released at the same time, and keep them at an equal price? IE: $16 for the hardback, or $16 for the paperback – straight up. That way, the profits stay the same, but for people like me, we get the paperback immediately rather than having to wait months for it.

Case in point: I walked away from buying a book that I’ve really been wanting to read because it was hardback. I would have spent that $18 if it was paperback.

I rest my case.


9 thoughts on “Can’t a Girl Ask for Paperback?

  1. I’m with you, Kayla. Although I have an e-reader, I still prefer the feel of a paperback in my hand. As to your question, publishing companies must churn out the hardback books first because they are more profitable. Otherwise, why would they do it?

    • I tried an e-reader for a while, and ended up filling it with free Harlequin books, unaware of their content. Poor fourteen year old me! I’ve returned to paperback since then 😛 Ah, profits. I guess I’ll just wait my six months to get paperbacks, or suck it up and buy the hardback!

      • I agree with the ereader I do not like reading from it at all just because I like a book in my hand. As for Hard/Paper back I think they should come out with both and I agree make them equal but then the problem comes that they sell less books. Have you ever noticed the “game” book stores and publishers play the PR game. For instance Hardback new release BIG deal, through advertising, bloggers, reviews, trailers and then after a year the that particular book “hipe” fades and then BAM the paperback hits and sometimes a new cover reveal for that book, another promo of the trailer, bloggers announcing and all the book stores place again on the new release! There you have it 2 BIG promos for 1 book. So they do it to sell more, they really don’t care too much about anything else like people who like hard vs paper they just care that people who might not have heard of it the first time, hear about it the 2nd and by the paperback time release all those other great reviews are up and running too! Just a thought…. Great post.

      • I hadn’t thought of that (probably because I’ve kept my head in the sand over the last two years when I didn’t have the time or money for books!), but it actually makes a lot of sense. Ugh, maybe just re-release with a new cover? I feel like such a whiner but I just want my paperback books! 😀

  2. I agree that paperback feels so much better, but they break down so much faster! Maybe I’m just really hard on my books (and I probably am), but a paperback can’t seem to stand up to the abuse of my constantly overstuffed bag.

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