A Midweek Update (And a Request for Good Vibes)

Hey all! I didn’t really have anything prepared for today because, well, life has all kind of been shot to hell in the last week. There’s really no better way to put that. Lots of family issues, and we’ll leave it at that. I’m actually pretty happy that I queued enough posts to make it this far! So, I’m going to be selfish, and list a few things I’m struggling with that maybe you could keep in your prayers (or thoughts, whichever you prefer)?

  • Today I’m visiting an endocrinologist, to check on my thyroid and possibly my adrenal glands and hypothalamus as well. I’ve been having a lot of symptoms that my regular doctor has pretty much written off (lethargy, depression, anxiety, swelling in my hands and feet, unexplained weight gain, shortness of breath… the list goes on), so this is the next step in trying to figure out what’s going on. Personally, after many compulsive hours of researching, my money’s on hypothyroidism. Of course I don’t want to be diagnosed with anything that I’ll be stuck with for the rest of my life, but at the same time I almost do because then I can fix it and start to feel better. You feel me?
  • With all of the craziness going on in life right now, it’s manifesting in anxiety and low grade panic attacks and general moodiness. Whereas my family is a bit more vocal, I internalize, and it’s starting to show. I’ve been having some hard-core insomnia, mostly rooted in the fact that when I lie down, I get this sensation that I can’t breathe properly and end up sitting up repeatedly to calm myself down before I really lose it.
  • Of course, in the middle of all this, my CAR’S AC TOOK A CRAP. IN THE 100+ DEGREE CALIFORNIA HEAT. It literally sounded like a siren was going off every time I hit the gas. Not even a filter, mind you, but a major part that wasn’t disengaging, and essentially melted the rest of the entire unit. If my warranty doesn’t cover it, repairs are going to cost upwards around $1,500. Yeah. Great news for a girl who’s trying to manage some anxiety, right? Not. We find out later this morning if my warranty will kick in, and while the lady has pretty much assured me that it’s covered, she can’t give me the 100% a-okay until she calls it in.
  • I’ve lost my passion for writing. It was going so well, and NaNo actually felt like an accomplishment, but when everything happened that light went out, and I’m having a hard time finding it again.
  • Most of all, just need some lovin’ for my family. We’re in the long haul with this, and we’re going to need some Hulk worthy strength.

The one good thing about this time? All my t-shirts that I ordered are coming in (finally), so I’ve been decked out in the Gondor crest, Captain America’s shield, and Sherlock’s greatest moment (*coughreichenbachsacrificecough*). I always feel a bit more confidence and collected when I’m wearing them, even if they’re not “feminine” or form-fitting. Remember: when in doubt, wear fandom. I’m also thinking of seeing Star Trek Into Darkness again now that it’s at my discount theatre. Three bucks for two hours of ignoring reality? Count me in! Plus… Benedict Cumberbatch.

Lord help OvariesAll right, I’m done complaining. If you made it this far, take a cookie and a hug.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of The Host movie!

7 thoughts on “A Midweek Update (And a Request for Good Vibes)

  1. Aw,I’m so sorry for you hon! C’mon,we all have bad moments. I had a terrible moment last year, had to cope with a break up and lost one of my best friends. And yeah, I couldn’t write anything either.
    So,don’t worry,be strong and rely on your loving family and friends and you’ll be fine 🙂
    I’m sending you positive vibes and hope your medical visit is going to be ok.
    I also suffer from anxiety, I know how it feels like. I suggest you to try yoga and meditation techniques,especially breathing techinques,paired with relaxing herbal teas with passiflore, mauve and chamomille. Hope this will help you!


  2. Oh, Kayla. What a rotten week. I’m sure with everything going on, writing can feel like a frivolous inconvenience. You’re in my thoughts. Keep readers updated. xo

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had a crappy week. One way to look at it, things can only go up from here, yeah?

    Maybe you just need a break from writing. Don’t worry, the desire and inspiration will return.

    Also, I recommend ice cream. 😉


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