The Host

I meant to see The Host when it came out in March, but never got around to it. Redbox had it in on Tuesday, so I reserved my copy and sat down with Brooke to watch it!

I’m a bit ambivalent about this one. I really liked the concept, and I love Saoirse Ronan, but I’m not entirely sure about the rest of it. I think it was the love tri- (quad?) angle going on between the two guys (I don’t know one’s name, but the other I kept calling Luke because he was the same guy that played Luke in Percy Jackson as well as Adam in Supernatural), and the host Melanie and her “soul” Wanderer. It was just too much and too rushed for me to get attached or involved.

I guess that should really tip you off right there – I don’t even remember all of the characters’ names!

What I can say is that I really enjoyed how the “souls” were CGIed. They were so ethereal and stunning, like a vector created in photoshop. But… yeah, not much else to praise about this one!

I give it a 5/10, because it was good enough that I sat around for two hours to watch it, if only halfway paying attention.

Brooke isn’t home right now to give her opinion, but I can say that she kept griping throughout the movie because they changed a lot of the parts that were in the book. Apparently the adaptation wasn’t as shining as she had hoped! I haven’t read the book yet, so we’ll wait and see if my thoughts change after reading the book.

6 thoughts on “The Host

  1. I read this book but haven’t watched it yet. I really need to rent it from Red Box. I had a hard time reading the book, but it did start getting better half way thru it. I was curious how the whole “souls” aspect would translate to the movie especially since in the book the soul and the person’s body she took over have exchanges in her mind. While I didn’t find the book as entertaining since I was pretty amused by Twilight (for what it was worth the books were WAY better than the movie) so I was curious about The Host, but not curious enough to spend $10 lol

    • It was worth the $1.30 at Redbox – but I’m glad I didn’t spend any more, that’s for sure. I’m not a huge fan of Twilight anymore, but I actually did like Breaking Dawn Part I (movie) and the part in the Breaking Dawn book where they meet all the new vampires. My favorite was Garrett 😀

  2. I think this novel sold because Stephenie Meyer’s name was attached to it. I read it a few summers ago and found it not bad but not great (maybe 3.5 out of 5). I can’t imagine how an 800-page novel can be condensed effectively into a 2 hour movie, and that’s probably why it tanked at the box office. In my area, it was in the discount theaters only a week or two after its release. I guess not everything Stephenie Meyer touches turns to gold. If it’s at Redbox, maybe I’ll have a look.

    Glad you’re posting. Hope that means you’re feeling better.

    • 800 pages?? Shoot. That’s going to take forever to read! You’re probably right about the movie not being long enough. This is when I wish everyone was on the boat with the idea of four hour long movies so that we can get our books turned into accurate films.

      I’m feeling a bit better; thanks for asking 🙂

      • Glad you’re feeling better! And I double checked that page count – a little over 600 (maybe it FELT like 800…). Still, that’s a whole lotta book to fit into 2 hours. Stopped by my local Redbox and picked it up for tonight. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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