A Character I Admire

One of my favorite movies is Pitch Perfect – I probably watch it at least once a week. I know about 95% of the lines, and frequently quote them in conversation. I know it’s been judged for the “cliche moments” or “common teen storyline” but I DON’T CARE because this movie makes me very happy. I love the story, I love the music, and I ADORE all of the characters. I could go on and on about all of them, but today I just wanted to say a little something about Stacie, one of the Barden Bellas. In the span of the movie, she’s a minor character, but actually one of my favorites.

Awesome character intro right here

At the Bella rehearsals

During one of the numbers

Look at that glare. Stacie is not taking any of your shenanigans

These are just a few of her scenes, but hopefully enough to give you a taste of her personality. Right now you may be thinking, “she looks like just another shallow, sex-crazed college girl.” Wrong! Well, not about the sex-crazed bit, because she outright admits it in the movie. BUT, here’s why I love this girl:

She isn’t ashamed about who she is. Like her or not, she’s going to continue being the girl who loves doing her nails, watching crap reality TV, and having oodles of sex. If she wants to wear a shirt that shows off her chesticles, she does.

Too often I find that it’s a “bad” thing to like doing your nails, or watching reality TV. Like somehow doing those “feminine” things automatically disqualifies you from being a well rounded or badass character.

Stacie will take you down, wearing high heels, while her nail polish dries, and will most likely have an orgy after washing your blood off her hands. And I love her for that.

What did you think of Pitch Perfect? Did you like Stacie’s character, or do you have a strong opinion against what I’ve just said? Bring on the debates!


6 thoughts on “A Character I Admire

  1. I just watched this movie for the first time a couple weeks ago. What I really wanted to see was the “Cups” scene. In the elementary school where I work, this was the hot pass time with the girls at recess – they did this cups routine over and over. Sometimes with one cup, sometimes with two, alone or with a partner. They found endless variations. For months, I didn’t know what they were doing with these plastic cups, so one day I asked!

    As for the movie, I thought it was okay. Heavy on cliches and pretty predictable, but it was wildly popular, so kudos to the screenwriter! My 10-year-old daughter loved it.

    • My sister learned how to do the cups song after watching the movie, and since then she’ll get on these random sprees and sing it/play it over and over. I’m going to have to start hiding all the plastic cups!

  2. I love what you said – the bit about not caring what people think because it makes you happy! Go you!

    I’ve only seen this movie twice but I thought it was so much fun! I never really thought very deeply about Stacie. Probably cause I was too busy singing along to the songs… /shifty but I agree with what you said. I like that she’s not embarrassed to like what she likes to be who she is. It’s awesome.

    • The songs are amazing as well (though the soundtrack really just doesn’t do it justice)! I’ve watched this movie more times than I can count (or probably will admit), so I’ve had time to pick it apart 😛

  3. I love Pitch Perfect so much. I went and saw it with a friend, and it was totally not what we expected, but it is so hilarious. I just added it to my Netflix to re-watch this week!

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