“Girl on Fire” Makeup

In honor of the second official trailer for The Hunger Games, released this weekend at Comic Con, I present: makeup inspired by Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire! (This is my way of dealing with the crushing fact that I couldn’t afford to attend the con – I cry as I scroll through Tumblr and then go crazy with makeup)

DSC03856Here’s a close up view:

DSC03859I know it’s not full out Capitol glam, but I did say “inspired,” right? Maybe one day when I have some free time I’ll go really crazy 😉 Here’s a little tutorial, if you want to try it out for yourself!

DSC03839 DSC03843 DSC03846 DSC03849DSC03862Okay, so I don’t know what palette I used, since I received it for a birthday present and have never seen it in stores anywhere. I think it might be a local company that my friend works for… Anyway, it doesn’t really matter if you have the exact palette: just get some colors that look similar.

I used the top middle color (a yellowish brown) all over my upper and lower lid. Then I put the top right color (an orange gold) on the outer half of both lids, blending the two colors together. Next was the bottom right color (dark brown) on the very outer corners of both lids. Again, blend really well! Last, I put a bit of black-brown eyeliner, and two coats of mascara. Voila! Your eyes are “on fire”! Of course, you can up the drama and make the liner thicker, or wing it out to echo the mockingjay element.

Disclaimer: sorry for the ish quality photos and overgrown eyebrows. I think Cinna needs to take me to beauty base zero.

Watch the new trailer here! It looks like Catching Fire is going to be even better than The Hunger Games! That wedding dress… I’m freaking out!


4 thoughts on ““Girl on Fire” Makeup

  1. You’ve done a great job. It’s subtle enough to wear all the time and not just if you’re a girl on fire 😛
    The wedding dress is gorgeous! I’m so excited for Catching Fire!

    • Thanks! It is a bit darker in real life, but the camera didn’t pick the saturation up very well… I’d love to try it with some weird lashes like in the movies – though I couldn’t wear that except for Halloween!

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