Top Ten Tuesday: Judging by Words

TTT BannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish – check out their blog here! Today’s TTT is Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT Pick Up A Book.

1. Steamy: If a book has the word “steamy” in the synopsis or the reviews, I put it back immediately. I usually find that it’s a euphemism for “a thinly disguised sex book that tries to make up for the unnecessary scenes with a flimsy plot.” No porn for me, thanks!

2. Love Triangle (or anything similar): After Twilight, I’ve been very leery. This trope has popped up all over the place, and there are very few situations that I tolerate, much less enjoy, it.

3. Dark: If it’s used to describe a male, I kind of lean the same way as if I saw “love triangle.” It just seems that it’s the fallback for any male character these days, and they’re very one dimensional, usually steeped in self-loathing. I’m more open to giving the book a try, but approach with caution.

4. Sexy: Especially if used in conjunction with “dark.”

5. Hates his/her parents: I don’t know if it’s a topic or a phrase (take your pick), but I just can’t stand this plot. Of course, there are always exceptions, but most of the time the character is just angry to be angsty. I wish parents received a bit more respect these days: just because you’re a teenager doesn’t give you the right to be rude!

6. Titillating: I don’t know why. I just don’t like this word.

7. Mysterious past: I approach with caution. I’m open to it, but it tends to go along with the dark, sexy male, or the tortured, one-dimensional female. It can be used very well, but I’ve also seen it used very poorly.

8. The Next…/The New…: I don’t want to read a repeat of Twilight, and as much as I enjoyed The Hunger Games, three books was enough for me. I have ignored this in the past, but I always keep my eye out for what it’s being compared to.

9. Anything gory or explicit like torture/murder: I read Stephen King at age thirteen, and Pet Sematary scared me silly for weeks. I am very, very, very wary of the horror genre in general.

10. Not really a topic or word, but if I flip through the pages and see an over-use of foul language, I’m out. I’m not too prudish (I hope), but please find a thesaurus every once in a while and stop using f***. I’m looking at you, Mr. King.

So… I guess anything involving enigmatic, self-loathing dudes and one-dimensional Mary Sues with an abundance of sex is a no-no for me. Case closed!


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Judging by Words

  1. I can definitely agree with your point about teenagers and parents. It is sad how many teens disrespect their parents nowadays and I definitely don’t want to read about it. My family is close and I don’t want to read about some teen that is ugly to his/her parents!

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

  2. Definitely agree with a lot of these. It’s way too rare to find a good parent/child relationship in books these days. I can deal with love triangles(pretty much because I have to it seems, since every second book has one) but I have a huge problem when the triangle involves cheating.

    • True! And it always depends on what it’s being compared to. If it’s Twilight, I know I’m in for cheesy, flat characters. If it’s compared to Harry Potter, I scoff at the blasphemy and put it down immediately.

  3. Awesome post!! I will definitely keep this in mind. I want to steer clear of the sex and dark crap people put in books a lot now.

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