Book Haul (and a little something extra!)

I’m not sure if this could qualify as a “haul” since it’s only two books, but I’m pretty darn excited either way. A few weeks ago, I posted “Well This is Embarrassing” detailing my escapade with Cinder by Marissa Meyer, and how I thought I bought it but it turned out that I hadn’t! I’ve finally corrected that issue and purchased the thing, along with The Maze Runner by James Dashner. And a little extra splurge as well!

photo(6)Seeee?? See my Doctor Who bookmark??? I shared yesterday about my feels for the Van Gogh episode, and when I saw it perched right on the cash register, I grabbed it and added it to my bag! A bit of an impulse buy, and I don’t really even use bookmarks… but hold up just a diddly-darn minute because you can bet I’ll be using one now!

I skipped out of Barnes and Noble while cuddling my bag, and earned myself a few strange looks from my friends (non-book lovers who I dragged in with me since we were driving home from Knott’s Berry Farm and I had to use the bathroom, and why not use the one in a bookstore??).

I’d also like to take a moment and thank Photoshop for making my crappy iPad pictures look a bit more crisp and colorful. The miracles a few color balance tools can do!

Oh, and if you remember this post about the random search terms that bring people to my blog, I have an update on that too. Since posting it a little more than a week ago, every day I’ve gotten someone on my blog from the term “logan lerman smut”. I’ve been cackling for forever!

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