Secondary Saturday: Kaylee Frye

Secondary SaturdayThe idea for SS is to showcase your favorite secondary character, from any book, movie, or tv show. Too often the main characters are the only ones praised, and we miss out on a lot of fantastic personalities! What would Harry Potter be without the twins? Would the Hunger Games be the same without Prim’s influence on Katniss? Even Twilight has it’s shining secondary character in the form of Alice Cullen – the only reason I’ll read the books/watch the movies anymore.

So once a week, I (and hopefully you, if you want to join in) will pick a character I feel deserves some more love and share them with you!

Anyhoo, if you want to join in, there’s just a few things I request that you do:

  • You can use the banner, just credit it back to me
  • Mention me somewhere in your post as the creator of the meme, and give a link to my blog
  • Have fun with it! This is the time to bring out your babies and demand that they get just as much attention as the first child!
  • Show off your dream casting (or contest/fangirl or fanboy over the actual casting if the book’s already been adapted)
  • Share some of your favorite quotes and moments with the character
  • Like I said, go crazy! Make it a full character profile or just give an honorable mention 🙂

Today’s SS subject is… drumroll please… Kaylee from Joss Whedon’s Firefly! I’m rewatching the series (currently on the one where Mal gets himself an accidental wife), so I thought it was suitable.

I just love this girl. She’s like Peeta Mellark – always finding something to be happy about. Ain’t nothin’ in the ‘verse that can stop her from being happy! And she’s so sweet, but not in a cheesy or cliche way. She hums while she works, eats chocolate while staring at her floofy dress, and just look at that umbrella. Anyone sitting in a ship hanger like that can take all my money because I’d fly with Kaylee on Serenity any day. Despite being a bit more whimsical and airy, for me she’s the backbone of the ship’s crew. Just watch the first episode – everything heats up after Kaylee is shot by the Alliance officer. She’s one of those characters that makes you smile and lifts your heart every time you see her smile on screen!

See you all next week for another Secondary Saturday, and stay shiny!


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