The Dreaded Three Star Review: A Visual Representation

After I read a book, and then sit down to review it, my heart always sinks a little bit when I give it a 3/6 rating. It’s such a wishy-washy rating that I always wish I could change it – even to a 3.5! To me, a 3 is a book that makes me go, “Eh, it was good. I’ll forget about it in a week though.” It’s such a shame!

A 0-2 will make me remember a book, because I had a clear idea of what I disliked, and it bothered me enough for me to give it that rating. Basically:

Walking cat

One big NOPE

A 4-5 rating will usually see me gushing about how much I loved one or two aspects of the book. Like this:

Feelings of happiness have been elicited

If it’s a 6, I’ll probably be one of two things: either speechless from awe or overly verbose because books. Essentially:

With a 3… there’s just that sense of middling. Neither love nor hate. When I sit down to write a 3 starred review, I usually end up looking a bit like this:

What are words?

These reviews tend to take the longest to write, just because I don’t really know how I feel. It was good, but I can’t identify what was missing that would have made it great. I mean, all reviews are hard to write because there’s that inherent need for me to use all caps lock and flail around full fangirl mode (if it’s a 4-6) or rant endlessly for 1000+ words (if it’s a 0-2), when I try to put together a coherent collection of my thoughts. But really, the 3s are the hardest.

You know what I realized while writing this post?

You know what else? I’ve been wanting to use that cat gif for so long it’s not even funny.


6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Three Star Review: A Visual Representation

  1. This made me crack up so much, but it’s so true! I know exactly how you feel, because not only do I feel iffy whenever I rate a book 3 (out of 5, in my case), it’s also a pain in the ARSE to write a conclusive and coherent review to try and get your points across. Three-star reviews are the worst, honestly. You liked some bits, but other bits bothered you, and when it all comes down to it, everything is just a huge mess of thoughts that you can’t decipher. Blah! And I think that gif just about summed it up perfectly.

    And aw, if it makes you feel better, that cat gif made me laugh! 😉 Also, I just can’t get over the fact that the minion in the middle seems to be having some sort of seizure while the others around him look perfectly normal.

    Great post, Kayla!

  2. I love your gifs! Glad you found a use for the cat one. Made me smile. I agree with your thinking. And I often want to give a 3.5 review, when 3 seems too harsh and 4 seems too generous. Just curious if you’ve read the Divergent series. My ‘tween has devoured the first two books, and she’s a reluctant reader. Yay!

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