Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

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Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs (You know.. you are reading and then SOMETHING happens to completely turn you off — cheating, absent parents, multiple POVS etc.)

1. Love Triangles in Fantasy/Sci-fi books. If I want to read about love triangles, I’ll pick up a contemporary book. But don’t defile my epic fantasies with angsty teen love dang it!

2. Lax parenting. I know that it happens all the time in this world, but can we please represent for the parents who actually do care about their kids and enforce the rules?

3. Too much cussing. Once in a while, I can forgive it. But if your entire vocabulary consists of the F-bomb, then you’re doing something wrong. Looking at you Stephen King.

4. Too much sex. I can handle it if it’s sparse, but please don’t make me skip 75% of the book to actually find a plot among the smut.

5. Over-mature tweens. What fourteen year old is out doing drugs and having sex? I know it does happen. I don’t deny that. But if you’re trying to convince me that every single fourteen year old is involved in all that? Please.

6. Under-mature teens/young adults. The flip side of #5. Not all 18 year olds use “OMG, did you, like, totally, see that? Oh MAH GAWD. BECKY. LOOK AT HER BUTT.” Well, maybe we do, but not with every single line of dialogue.

7. Stereotypical gay characters. See my rant yesterday in the Liebster award post. Basically: don’t let the character be defined by their sexuality. People are more than who they want to bang.

8. Whiny protagonists. Pick yourself up, brush off the dust, let’s go. Come on. I will slap you myself if I have to.

9. Product placement. Don’t tell me about your Gucci pants and your iPhone and how many pictures you have on Instagram. It really pulls me out of the story and breaks up the flow. Looking at you, Forged by Greed.

10. Sexy, compelling male leads. This really isn’t a problem for me. But it does cause problems. Symptoms may include: fangirling, swooning, feels, fainting, fanning oneself, blushing, overactive imagination, and unintelligible squealing at mention of said character’s name.

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

  1. This is a great list Kayla. The parent things annoys me too. They are either super overbearing or way nonexistent. There needs to be a book with caring parents that aren’t all in their kid’s business!

    Thanks for stopping by per usual. HA

    My TTT List

  2. All of these! So much! I can kind of understand lax parenting if it ends up playing a role in the teen’s life but most of the time it doesn’t. Love number ten. So true! Probably the only downside to seeing movie previews at the theatre is knowing how you’ll react over seeing a fictional love.

    • That’s one reason that book-to-movie adaptations are so hard for me! It’s like, “What if they don’t live up to my expectations??” But then, they do, and it’s like “I have lost the ability to speak or breath or do anything except stare at the flawless perfection that is my book boyfriend come to life.”

  3. Your # 10 had me cracking up! So did, Oh MAH GAWD. BECKY. LOOK AT HER BUTT.
    When characters don’t act their age it really annoys me too. I don’t mind exceptions to the rule, but as a whole I like when characters act their age or a little bit more mature. (I mean mature as in being smart and making logical decisions, not out doing drugs.)

    I am also prone to the side effects of #10. 😉

  4. I’ve been guilty of #5 and #6 myself in the past, but part of my reason for having overly mature preteens was as part of a satire, to be funny in its deliberate over the topness, not meant to depict realistic preteen behavior. When I was a teen, I was writing my child characters like 90-year-old sages and 30-year-old intellectuals, while my adult characters came across like silly, childish 12-year-olds.

  5. Lol, weak protagonists and lax parenting are my top pet peeves! Nice list 🙂 Though I seriously think weak protagonists is becoming a universal thing that spans across all types of media, these writers need to get their crap together *ahem* *stephanie meyer* *cough*

  6. 1. “If I want to read about love triangles, I’ll pick up a contemporary book.” — Damn, girl, you read my mind! I mean, there’s already so much going on in these fantasy and science-fiction worlds; we really don’t need more drama to spice things up.

    2. Absent parents have sort of become a trend after THG. Just like a lot of what we see in dystopia these days. It’s kind of dumb, because like you said, even though there are many broken families out there, I don’t think it’s very healthy to keep sending out the message of how every heroine’s family has been torn apart, just to give her more incentive to save the world or something.

    3. LOL. I’m usually fine with cussing in my books, even the f-bombs, but yeah. Too much makes the book too unrealistic, like the author is trying too hard. I didn’t know Stephen King swore so much in his books! Then again, I’ve never read any… I do intend to soon, though. Do you have any horror suggestions? 😀

    6. Every time this happens, I have to refrain myself from doing something I’d regret — like chucking the book at the WALL — by biting down on my lip HARD. Because GOSH. Immature teens, though they exist everywhere, are annoying as hell! They’re almost even worse than bitchy characters. Actually, I DO think they’re worse than bitchy characters. I mean, THIS: “‘OMG, did you, like, totally, see that? Oh MAH GAWD. BECKY. LOOK AT HER BUTT.’” (<- I literally cracked up) is like a mosquito buzzing around your ear even though you try to shoo it away.

    8. I will knock some sense into her head with a hammer while you do the slapping.

    9. OMG. HAHA. I even remember their names, which shows how horrible they are! Jatred and Jasmina, am I right?!

    10. Oh, Kayla, those aren't turnoffs at all! *goes all sparkly-eyed*

    • I haven’t read too many of King, but out of the ones I did read, Pet Sematary scared me absolutely stupid. Like, staying up at night and checking the closet scared. If you’re going more for a thriller, I’d say Under the Dome is a good bet.

      I can’t even remember their names! I know it’s Jatred, but I always bounce back and forth between Jasmira and Jasmina…

      You’re right: they’re a huge turn ON. It’s a problem if I’m blushing when other people are around! Prying eyes…

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