Liebster Award (Again, again!)

I was nominated a few weeks ago, but now I’ve been given another Liebster award from Sarah at My Other Book Club! Even though she’s on a semi-hiatus because of school, I always love her posts. Especially when I get to discuss the “classics” and deviate a bit from my usual YA fare. It’s a great way to mix things up, so go check it out!

The Liebster award gives bloggers a chance to highlight other bloggers they think deserve some more lovin’ from the rest of the blogging community. Just answer the ten questions, and then pose your own, plus nominate your own favorite bloggers!

1. If you could live in the setting of one novel, which one would you choose? Uhhh… Ahhh… *wrings hands* I DON’T KNOW. Hogwarts, Narnia, Middle Earth, Ravka… So many to choose from!!! And that doesn’t even include worlds where certain stuff exists but it’s still based on real life… *dies*

2. You must choose three things to take to a deserted island – what would you take? I should be smart, and say something about the crap needed to build a raft. But I’m assuming that this question is based on the fact that there is no way on Earth I will get off from my own power, and that there is already a food source for me. Thus: my Harry Potter series (yes, it’s one set), my most comfy sweater (for the nights when it’s cold and I’m lonely), and my dog (so I don’t go completely bonkers).

3. What is your most prized possession? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever know until I have that crisis moment where I can only grab one thing, and I’ll know in that instant. But if I were to say it, I would say it’s my Harry Potter series. If we’re only talking about my personal possessions.

4. If you could go back in time and relive one memory, what would it be? Okay… I’ll be cheesy right now… And share the first moment that pops into mind. It may not be the greatest in the span of things, but it’s definitely a moment that warms my heart even today.

I was fourteen years old, and had liked this guy for ages. Then it came around to be New Year’s Eve, and we all had a big party at his house with a million of our friends (being the introvert that I am, it felt like a million. It maybe was like… twenty). Then at about nine o’clock, he pulled me outside, and right under the super-clear starry night, he looked me straight in the eye and said that he really liked me and wanted to date me. It was just… ahh. So perfect. We held hands for the rest of the night, and then when I got a really bad headache (due to the noise and people and lateness of the evening), he gave me an excedrin and then laughed while I got so high from all that caffeine in those things. We dated for about nine months, and while it didn’t work out, we’re still friends to this day. I would 100% date him again if given the chance. He even still remembers the excedrin thing, and makes sure not to give me one!

Well… That’s my cheesy story from fourteen year old me. I swooned then, and even at eighteen it still gives me butterflies 🙂

5. What is your favourite song? Arise from Flyleaf. I plan on getting a tattoo with this line: “There’s some strength left in us yet,” on my shoulder, with a bird flying out of its cage.

6. Who is your best friend? What is he/she like? Umm… Well, I’m kind of in the process of making some new friends right now. I had a big falling out with most everyone I knew, and since then I’ve been rebuilding for the last few months. Focusing on healing myself and learning to trust again, and all that jazz. But I would have to say that at this moment, I really enjoy talking to Andi and Ariel from Andi’s ABCs and In Italics, respectively. And then there’s Veronica from The Talking (Blogging) Bookworm, who already has a special place in my heart even though we only met this past Tuesday in person for the first time. But she’s so easy to talk to and will squee over books and movies and shows with me, and it’s been really easy to open up to her and talk about what’s going on in my life. I see some great things ahead with all these bloggers I’m meeting, especially Veronica (if I don’t bother her with how much I text her!). And it really makes my life seem so much brighter 🙂

7. Where was the last place you went on vacation? That’s actually a good question. Umm… Maybe Indio (near Palm Springs) last Thanksgiving.

8. Who would you most want to sit down and have dinner with? Well this is a vague question. Author: JK Rowling. Musician: Lacey Mosley-Sturm. Actor: Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch or Jensen Ackles. Actress: Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson. Person: If I could steer the conversation in a way that doesn’t piss me off, my dad.

9. Why did you start blogging? I started because I want to be a published author eventually, and I read that a good online presence looks good on a query letter. But then I met so many amazing people, and it’s turned into a way that I relax, a place I feel safe, and most of all a place where I can be entirely myself. I would blog even if I stop writing (which I have, for the last nine months) – so it’s not reliant on the writing now!

10. When is your birthday? June 29, 1995. Eighteen years baby 😛

And since I was so recently nominated, I won’t be “technically” nominated any others, since it’d just be a repeat! Either way, here are some links to blogs that I love and deserve your follow 😉

Those are just the ones off the top of my head, and the ones I’ve been lurking on most often in the last few weeks! Give them all some lovin’ folks – that’s an order!

For the blogs I listed, you can answer the ten questions above if you’d like 😉


13 thoughts on “Liebster Award (Again, again!)

  1. Congratulations! And thank you so much for nominating me! Sadly, I already got this and posted it this past week (I was the one who gave it to Sarah haha), but thank you so much for giving me the nod! Means a lot 🙂

  2. Aww good answer, I would want my dog with me as well if stranded on an island! But then I slightly worry if at some point one of us will get so hungry we’ll try to eat each other… O.o Let’s hope not!

    Super cute memory that you would relive! It’s a story I think many girls dream of and wish that would happen to them! Even better that you’re still friends, even if things didn’t work out. Maybe one day…

    And thanks for the link love <

    • That’s what I keep telling myself, “Maybe one day…” I’m stuck between thinking that I’m pining over someone who I’ll never get back together with, or that I’m just biding my time and eventually it will work out and we’ll live happily ever after.

      I’m really hoping for the latter, but… yeah. We’ll see what happens 😉

      And of course! You deserve it!

  3. You totally deserve two Liebster Awards! And thank you for nominating me — I think you did for the last time, too. Which reminds me that I need to get a post written up STAT! My schedule’s just been pretty packed lately, so I haven’t been able to find a slot to stick the post in. It’ll be up this Saturday, though!

    I approve of your answer for #1 — Hogwarts, Middle-Earth and Ravka all the way! And haha, I love how the HP series is the first thing you said you’d take to that desert. And your most prized possession. Girl, you are getting more awesome with every question answered. 😉 Lol, I hope that guy realizes how amazing you really are and then ask you out again. This time for real. Yes, yes, I’m playing matchmaker. (And then I realize Asti’s already said it. NEVER MIND.)

    Ooh, yes to all those people, though I’d pick Hans Zimmer as the musician, because he’s my favorite composer of all time! Tom Hiddleston all the way. *makes googly eyes* Seriously, that man is underappreciated. We need to change that. Or… maybe we should just keep him to ourselves. Mwahahaha.

    • Ahh thank you love! And yes you do! I need to see your answers 🙂

      My next pickup line: “The bloggers ship us. It’s meant to be. We are someone’s OTP – you must bow down to their wishes!!!” Yes, that will work 😉

      Psh, keep him to ourselves! Puh-lease… Hans Zimmer… He did Narnia’s scores, yeah? I love Howard Shore, for the Lord of the Rings! Oh and Danny Elfman. And James Horner’s Avatar score was FLAWLESS.

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