I just ordered 15 books

Yes, you read that right: 15 books. I’m freaking outHooray for unexpected, not-counted-for-in-the-budget money!

I don’t actually have them yet… But they should be here by the 22nd, and then one last straggler will show up on the 29th. That’s what I get for taking advantage of Amazon’s free shipping, I suppose. But! I wanted to share, because this next two months will be full of reviews for books that I’ve been dying to read, and ones that everyone has been yelling at me to get on it and just read the thing.

Ah, slacking. Where would I be without you?

Just look at that pure sexiness. And now here’s my new dilemma: which do I read first??? Seriously, I need some help here.


21 thoughts on “I just ordered 15 books

  1. I really want to read The 5th Wave, This Song Will Save Your Life, The Dream Thieves, If I Stay and Shatter Me — I haven’t heard of the others but now I’m curious!
    I support your breaking-the-budget, book-buying ways 😉

    • Who needs a roof over their head or gas in the tank? I’ve got books!

      I plan on reading all my NetGalley books in the next two weeks so that when the shipment comes in I can just read my new babies!

  2. I was so so close to buying This Song Will Save Your Life today but then I remembered all the books I own that I’ve yet to read (the 5th Wave is one of them) so I put it back begrudgingly. The only book I’m allowed to buy this month is Allegiant as I’m trying to save as much money as I can.

  3. Haha, I am counting down the days when October is over (because I have so many money spending events to go to). Then I will too splurge on books! *inserts evil laugh*nice picks! “I remember picking up “If I Stay” at my library, but I haven’t gotten to read it yet 😀

  4. ME WANT. *grabby hands* Woman, where is your self-control?!

    Lol, but those are some amazing books! I spy a few of my favorites on there, like THIS SONG WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE, THE DREAM THIEVES, and PIVOT POINT — I really hope they arrive in tiptop condition for you to enjoy (because yes, books need to be in perfect condition so we can love them). For the rest, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your thoughts.

    Gah, I wish I could afford to buy so many books at one go, but I’m saving up for Christmas presents and then for a new laptop. NEXT TIME, THEN.

    • I HAVE NONE.

      I hope so too! Amazon hasn’t been the most tender with my shipments lately… 1) Scratched and broken cd case, 2) bent book, and 3) totally crushed box wherein all my stuff could have easily fallen out. *prays for the babies coming in the mail*

      Well this was extra money that I had accounted for in my budget 😉 Free for all!

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