Fierce Reads Tour: Leigh Bardugo, Gennifer Albin, Jessica Brody, + Ann Aguirre

For those who don’t know, yesterday I went to San Diego for the first stop in the Fierce Reads tour with Leigh Bardugo (author of the Grisha trilogy), Gennifer Albin (author of Crewel and Altered), Jessica Brody (author of Unforgotten, the first book in a trilogy), and Ann Aguirre (author of Enclave, Outpost, and Horde). And all I can say is: SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously, that is all I can say about this event. I’m so glad it was my first!

When I first got there I was really nervous because Sara (whatanerdgirlsays) wasn’t there yet. So I wandered around for a bit – this bookstore was so quiet! I’ve never been to an indie store before – then sat down near the back of the setup, right next to a shelf. See – only one person would be next to me. Personal space: achieved. And then someone else sat down next to me, and I found the guts to ask her where she had gotten her Fierce Reads bag! Conversation ensued (and she was the sweetest thing ever when I told her it was my first event), and she explained everything for me. Next thing I knew, I had my own copies of Crewel and Altered, plus a FR bag of my own! By the way, she’s also a blogger – Carey from tootsbookreviews. We started talking about Shadow and Bone, since she’d never read them, and when I mentioned Sturmhond, Sierra (another new friend I met!), sitting behind me, totally fangirled with me over him. Sara finally showed up, and by then I was more excited then nervous. All the authors took their seats soon after that!

photo 3

Ann, Leigh, Jessica, Gennifer

They all started with an introduction to themselves and the book, and they couldn’t get through two sentences without laughing! Leigh: “And we’re sober too!” It was a really great atmosphere and everyone was in a great mood. According to Ann, Horde is going to make you: grow taller, make you breakfast, everyone will love you. Leigh grabbed a copy and held it close after that. I already knew I loved both books in the Grisha trilogy, but then Leigh announced something for Ruin and Rising:

The Darkling’s name will be revealed in R&R. 

Definitely the most exciting news I heard that night! There was a bit of debate about what his name would be: Jessica thinks he’s a Eugene, but Ann thinks he’s a Steve. Leigh herself said he sounded like a Dougie – Dougie Darkling.

Jessica made me really want to read her book, and I kick myself for not having the money to buy it! And then Gennifer just confirmed that I wanted to read her series – she told us about the painting from a Mexican Surrealist artist that inspired the idea of weaving time and space. I’m definitely looking forward to reading Crewel now!

Me with all four ladies!

Me with all four ladies!

After that we opened it to Q&A. More fun ensued, with Ann making several bad incredibly hilarious yet groan inducing puns. One notable point was when the four girls addressed the controversy surrounding Allegiant right now. All of them agree that the reader is entitled to their own opinion – negative or positive – as long as they don’t bring it to the author personally. Apparently Ann has received a picture of a chicken head before?? Talk about creepy! Jessica added that love and hate are two sides of the same coin, so if you get at least one reaction you’re doing something right. They also spoke about their writing habits: all of them agree that the closer they get to a deadline, they hole themselves away for a few days and don’t come out.

One other hilarious part of the Q&A – all the authors poked fun at the tropes they use in their books! Leigh: “An orphan who discovers she has hidden powers??? OH MY GOD!” Gennifer: “[talking about her protag’s parents] Parents in YA have a low life expectancy. You have maybe four years before you’re useless.” Leigh: “See, that’s why I started with an orphan. Takes care of that whole problem.” Jessica: “My MC wakes up and has forgotten everything, but – what’s this?? – a hot and mysterious stranger comes in and says they’re in love! What a coincidence!”

An awesome cosplay of Alina and the stag!

An awesome cosplay of Alina and the stag!

After that we all queued up to get our books signed. I met two other awesome book loving ladies – Rose and Kaytee. We chatted about The Hunger Games, The Vampire Academy books, and many others. Kaytee had to leave pretty quickly, but Rose and I chatted (and later got Starbucks!) and found out that we’re both huge SuperWhoLock fans – she reminded me that I had an episode of Supernatural when I got home. *queue squealing* We were close to the back of the line, but we finally got to the front and had a great time chatting with all the authors.

Gennifer and I talked about homeschooling and teaching and NaNoWriMo – she’s super sweet! And then while I was waiting to get my copies of the Grisha books signed, I chatted with Jessica about Unforgotten. Well, I apologized for being poor and not being able to buy a copy of her book! She was really sweet about it, and signed a sneak-peak booklet of the first chapter of Unforgotten for me. After Rose finished with Leigh, I switched places with her, and got my other two books signed. Leigh asked if I followed her on any social media sites, and I mentioned my twitter handle plus the fact that I was the one fangirling over Tolya and Tamar, and she remembered me! We both apparently have a thing for twins in books. And I also proposed marriage to Sturmhond, and she told me to get in line… Ah, no!

A keychain with the Darkling's symbol that Leigh gave me!

A keychain with the Darkling’s symbol that Leigh gave me!

After that we wrapped things up, took pictures, and then slowly migrated out of the store and to our cars. All in all, and incredible night, and worth the stressful drive! Did you know there’s such a thing as an 8-lane highway? I didn’t. Scariest thing of my life!

My spoils: a few bookmarks, a chapstick, and a button from Crewel, and a button from S&S

My spoils: a few bookmarks, a chapstick, and a button from Crewel, and a button from S&S. Plus my two new books – so glad I waited and got the matching covers! 

And here they are, all signed and lovely. I pretty much died when I got home and read what Leigh had written on my copy of Siege and Storm. DIED.

photo 2

Crewel – “Remember who you are.” Altered – “Discover who you are.” S&B – “Steel is earned.” S&S – “Impossible. Improbable.”

See? Dying.

So that was my night! And now that I’ve detailed pretty much everything possible and created an incredibly long post, I bid thee adieu! And I might be seeing Marie Lu in December if I have the day off work, so get ready for that post too!

6 thoughts on “Fierce Reads Tour: Leigh Bardugo, Gennifer Albin, Jessica Brody, + Ann Aguirre

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  2. Ooh, I wish I could go see Marie Lu too. 😦

    That sounded like such a fun event. I’ve never been to one where there’s a whole bunch of authors. And I’m so excited to hear more about the Darkling now! 😀

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