If You Were a Book, What Genre Would You Be?

I’ve always thought about this – if I were to be placed in a book, what genre would I find myself in? And even more – what archetype and role would I fill? And now that I’ve actually thought about it for the reason of this post, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

I would be in a coming of age, contemporary YA fiction book, filling the role of “girl finds herself after failed relationships.”Β 

Not just romantic relationships (seeing as that aspect of life ended when I was fifteen years old after my first boyfriend), but also familial and friend relationships too. I’ve had some crappy skills as far as choosing who I trust, and it’s burned me in the past. Most of you know that I had the worst summer of my life, starting the week after I turned eighteen, and since then it’s been an uphill climb to put all the pieces back together. But it’s also been the best time in my life, because I am a completely different person now.

I think, if I were in a YA contemporary, I’d be the quiet girl hiding in the corner, and then post-high school I blossomed into something completely different. The one who finally decides that others’ opinions don’t matter, and she’s going to do what she wants to do, because it makes her happy. Pursue her hobbies, get a weird job, even if it’s a bit odd or different from what’s expected. Not to mention the physical aspect – finding her fashion style, getting a radical hair cut (real life Kayla: getting that done first week of December πŸ˜‰ Buh bye hair!), and maybe losing a few pounds, just because she wants to for herself, and not to please a man.

So despite my desire to be in a fantasy or sci-fi book, I think my true calling would be contemporary. As much as I’d love to be a dragon rider or save Panem! I’m not built to save the world, not yet at least πŸ˜‰

What about you? Would you be contemporary, science fiction, fantasy, orΒ other? What archetype would you be – the leader of the rebellion, the best friend who knows what’s up, the one who finds true love, the tragic love story, or other?Β 


19 thoughts on “If You Were a Book, What Genre Would You Be?

  1. It’s hard for me to choose just one genre, but if I had to, I would probably pick fantasy. One of the hallmark traits of fantasy is the taking of something ordinary and the turning of it into something extraordinary. That mirrors how I’ve always looked at the world.

    As far as the kind of character I would be in a story, I’m not really sure. I was picked on a lot when I was younger and was always very quiet (that developed into social anxiety later in life.) I’ve since conquered some of that and have gone on to find some of my voice. So maybe, putting this together with fantasy, I would be the quiet nerdy kid who always gets picked on, but then somehow stumbles on something strange and otherworldly which ultimately helps me discover the courage I need to be myself.

  2. I’d be realistic fiction with plenty of flaws and a dash of humor. It’s what I enjoy reading most, and what I like writing, too.
    Are you going to the Catching Fire premier tonight?? I’m going with my daughters, and we can’t wait!!

    • I wasn’t, but now I am! I found out that there’s an 8pm showing at a theatre near me, so I can take my sister, plus be home early enough so I can get some sleep before working tomorrow morning. Have an AMAZING time! And stay warm πŸ˜‰ It’s raining where I’m at… I see sweaters, umbrellas, and Venti sized Starbucks in my future.

  3. I’d just want to be in a genre I’m comfortable in. Real life is already so uncomfortable for me so many times, I just want to be that confident, badass heroine saving the world.

    Which wouldn’t be a good thing. If the world depended upon me to save them, they’ll go down in ruin.

    • That’s the exact reason I didn’t pick fantasy or sci-fi for myself – I’d screw things up πŸ˜€ But maybe if I were a secondary character in a fantasy novel? I think we could swing that πŸ™‚

  4. I’d probably be a supporting character. You know – the one that’s solid, always there for the MC, but isn’t doing much to actually move the story forward. I’m there when the MC needs some advice – or just needs to be reassured that they’re on the right track.
    And as for genre, I’d love to be in fantasy, but considering my personality, I’d probably end up in some sort of historical fiction – set in Western Europe anytime from the 1750’s to the mid 1900’s.

    • I hadn’t considered historical fiction – probably because I never read it! Isn’t the 1750s when The Infernal Devices series is set? You could be a shadow hunter (fantasy) but still historical!

      • I have no idea – I haven’t read those books… (though my friend’s been bugging me to. I’ll get to them eventually).
        I don’t know if I’d want to be a shadow hunter. That sounds scary, whatever it is.
        But maybe because it’s a book I won’t die.
        But then again, I’m a secondary character, which makes it much more likely that I would die in a fantasy novel.
        Oh no. Not cool.
        Which is why I’d probably stick to a more realistic book, despite my love for fantasy. Maybe a romance? Something where there aren’t too many deaths.

        But, if I were the person that I WISHED I was, instead of the person I actually AM, I’d totally be the spectacular main character of an epic fantasy.

  5. I think I’d probably be in the contemporary genre – I’m definitely not really cut out for fantasy or dystopian lands! Although I wouldn’t mind channeling my inner Buffy and being a demon slayer of some sort, so maybe some kind of paranormal would work for me? I’d think I’d be the best friend who has the occasional funny one-liner too, not quite being the one who saves the day but content enough to just be a helpful side-kick. πŸ™‚

    • If I were fantasy or sci-fi, I think I’d fill that same role πŸ™‚ Some people just aren’t cut out to save the day, but where would we be without the Hermiones, the Isabelles, or the Finnicks???

  6. This is so awesome!!! Yet slightly confronting hahaha I’d like to think of myself kicking ass as a character like Keladry in Tamora Pierce books, a girl proving herself for girls everywhere… but I’m not really a feminist nor am I physically fit or have the motivation to become physically fit. Sadly I have a sneak suspicion, that I’d be in some horrid, cliche new adult novel because of my commitment issues. Sigh.

    • Ah my dear join the club! We can be dysfunctional and commitment phobic together in our little NA worlds πŸ˜‰ I’m not physically fit either – I’d probably swing a sword once and tap out from exhaustion.

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  8. Same, same and same. I could totally see my life as a contemporary, I’ve had the same issues with relationships and high school you did (I think we talked about that a long time ago) But hey, they always have happy endings!

  9. This is a cool idea! I do have to admit that I have to confront the person that I am though, in the process. I’d probably be a character in a contemporary fiction novel trying to find out who she is, where she wants to go, and what she wants out of life. I think it would be very Perks of a Wallflower-esque type of novel (I can’t figure out if I’m more Mary Elizabeth or Charlie).

    • As much as I’d love to say I’m badass like Mary Elizabeth, I’m a Charlie at heart πŸ™‚ Minus the childhood trauma, though.

      Also: I’d love to read that life story πŸ™‚ Perks is a favorite book of mine!

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