Do You Ever Paint Your Nails for a Fandom?

In honor of the Catching Fire premiere, I recently painted my toes a very sparkly golden black (Maybelline – Twilight Rays), to match the “girl on fire” theme. Though I always imagine Catching Fire a bit darker than the golden browns I’d use for The Hunger Games, hence the black sparkle instead of brown sparkle. It’s the one on the very right:

photoAnd then I started to wonder, as I usually do, and thought, “Do other people paint their toes/nails with their favorite books, tv shows, and movies in mind?” I can’t be the only one! We may not be able to paint on specific images, but the color itself can be homage enough!

The left two I use for my Doctor Who nails – it’s a cobalt blue (Wet N Wild – Saved by the Blue) for the TARDIS, with the pinkish gold sparkles (Sally Hansen – Pink Grape Fruit) over the top for a galaxy effect.

The red (Maybelline – Paint the Town) is for Irene Adler (of Sherlock fame). It’s actually a bit darker in person, more of a blood red than that pinkish thing showing up in the photo.


And since it’s my current obsession, here’s a few colors I picked out for World After! It’s the same sparkly purple/gold from above, layered over a lilac (Sally Hansen – Lacey Lilac), plus a greenish blue (Sinful Colors – Gorgeous), as well as a navy (Maybelline – Blast of Blue) that has some purple undertones in the sunlight. They all look fantastic together, though I’m not sure how I’d incorporate them all in one go. Hmm… I think I know my project for the weekend. World After nails – here I come!

Anyone ever paint their nails as a quiet homage to their current obsession? How do you think I should pattern all the colors for the World After nails?


9 thoughts on “Do You Ever Paint Your Nails for a Fandom?

  1. I have. I do all the time actually. When The Hunger Games first came out I even did a little Katniss braid when I went to see the movie.

    You should try a marble effect to get all the colors of the book cover in. I think that would be neat.

      • There are some great youtube videos on how to do that.

        I also like getting the nail tape and put a few blotches of color on my nail. Put the nail take in varying designs then put a solid color on top. Once it dries you take the tape off and then it will show the different colors underneath.

    • Oh that sounds fun!

      And yes I did!!! It was AMAZING beyond words can express. I can’t even it’s just incredible A++ best book, best movie, faithful adaptation and FINNICK AND PEETA OH GOD!!!

  2. Only for Sherlock – I used almost the same shade of red for Miss Adler as you did. But other than that, I’m not a huge fan of nail polish in the first place 😉

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