Weekly Update 4 (November 24)

Hi there! Once again, it’s Sunday, and time for my weekly wrap up post, where I recap everything of note that’s happened in the last seven days, including my Stacking the Shelves post.

The Vlog

Post video update: ADSKFLDJ;GDSAN;V;DSKL. CATCHING FIRE. BEYOND AMAZING!!! It was my favorite book, and now it’s my favorite movie in the series. Josh as Peeta is just flawless, and Jennifer as Katniss… A+ casting they actually are those characters I can’t picture anyone else. And despite my hesitation over Sam as Finnick – he was perfect, and embodied everything I love about that character. My one complaint about the movie: they were missing the “how does it feel to be not pretty, Finnick?” part after the poison gas. An inconsequential scene in the long run, but I think it rounds out the wit and bright side of Finnick, not just the intense part of him.

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. Check out her blog here! Basically, it’s a time where I get to show off all the books I got in the past week (purchased, netgalley, borrowed, etc).



From NetGalley:

Coming This Week

  • Monday – Review of Altered by Jennifer Rush
  • Tuesday – Top Ten Tuesday
  • Wednesday – Review of Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
  • Thursday – Discussion Post (not sure of topic yet)
  • Friday – Review of Champion by Marie Lu

As always, this is a rough schedule, and I may add more or skip a day depending on how life rolls.

How was your week? Anything you’re looking forward to in the next few days? What sort of books did you pick up? And since it’s Thanksgiving week – what are you most thankful for? What are your plans? Do you participate in Black Friday? 


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update 4 (November 24)

    • BUT OF COURSE I WOULD MENTION YOU LOVELY LADY!!! I hope I pronounced your name correctly, by the way 😀

      CATCHING FIRE AHDFHDSKJF. I CANT WITH THAT MOVIE. The acting and the casting and the writing and the faithfulness to the book and the end and Cinna and UGH *wails*

      Bahahah! So you don’t have that over in Australia?? Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where most stores slash prices on a million products by a huge amount – sometimes 50% and up! Most people go for the electronics – super cheap tvs and computers and appliances – and they’ll camp out in front of stores for hours beforehand. People have literally been trampled for this stuff! Most of the big events happen at 12am Friday morning, but I don’t go out until about 7am. I miss the really big stuff, but I only go for the cheap movies and books anyway 😀 Most of that stuff is left over when I go out

      • BAWW ❤ Yes, you did! I was surprised. Most people pronounce it the traditional way (which sounds like Kiara), but go Kayla 😀

        I KNOW. It was pretty freaking perfect if you ask me. I may have even liked it better than THG.

        Nooo. I think maybe because we don't have Thanksgiving? Haha 😛 WOAHHH. We have that the day after Christmas – Boxing Day sales. I never venture out of the house, because people can get really crazy. Especially over clothes. Which most of the sales are. We don't really have big sales on books, like, ever. Which really sucks. Because they're always #1 on my to-buy list. Ah, well. I hope you get awesome things 😀

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