Can You Read a Fluffy Book After Something Intense?

So yesterday I reviewed White Like Milk, Red Like Blood by Alessandro D’Avenia (go ahead and read it now, if you want). Basically, it was even better than TFiOS, and had all the best parts of Perks of Being a Wallflower mixed into it as well. Easily a new favorite for me. But then I came across this dilemma when I was going to start reading Vampire Academy #3 right after.

How do I read a fluffy book like VA right after finishing something so incredibly touching and life changing? 

I honestly felt like I was cheapening the impact that White had on me by reading something that was more of a guilty pleasure right after. Like I was cheating on this extraordinarily special book with something that I read just to entertain me and keep my mind off life.

I ended up not reading anything else that night, just to let White really seep into me and settle into all the crevices of my head so I didn’t forget anything. And then the next day I felt a lot better and like I had waited the sufficient amount of time before it would be considered “not cheating.”

So here’s my question to you: after you finish an emotionally draining or inspiring book, do you feel like you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can respectfully move on to the next book? 

29 thoughts on “Can You Read a Fluffy Book After Something Intense?

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes after a really emotionally intense book it can be a bit of jolt to the system and feel wrong to immediately read something light and fluffy. I don’t wait too long but if a book really hit me hard like The Book Thief did, I’d maybe wait a day and then start something else. You need to give yourself a grieving period! Hope you like the VA book by the way! I just finished the first one and loved it!

    • Everyone who’s commented on this post references The Book Thief – I assume I really need to read that book?

      I actually ended up torturing myself some more, and read another heavy book xD I don’t recommend it! I’ve waited a little while, and I think I’m ready for VA now. I’m on book three and it gets SO good!

      • You definitely need to read The Book Thief though I’d recommend you get your tissues at the ready before you do! I think you’re definitely due some time at the VA again after two heavy books. I’m so excited to read more in this series!

  2. When I finished reading a very intense, emotional read, I can’t read a book for several days! Book hangover kinda sucks hahaha. It happened when I finished TFIOS and on my next TBR was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, my mind was not in it. I almost thought that City of Bones was bad because of that. I waited for few days before starting COB again and glad I didn’t DNF it because it really was amazing.

    • Ohhh dear that isn’t a good mix! TFiOS needs a good two or three days to get over, at least 😦

      I actually experienced something similar with COB, although it was flipped around a bit. I finished COB and almost started Divergent, but I had a hangover from COB so I couldn’t get into Divergent at all. I started it again later, and loved it!

  3. I totally know that feeling. Sometimes a book is so much more than a book, and then to just start reading ANY other book straight after feels like a betrayal.
    I remember after I finished The Book Thief, I didn’t read another book for a while. I just couldn’t bring myself to read anything that wasn’t as special.
    I think giving it some time, and letting the amazingness and specialness of a truly touching novel is good. It allows you to be in that book, and in the mind-frame you were in whilst reading it a little longer.

  4. I tend to move on rather quickly. But I don’t stop thinking about the book that was emotionally train wrecked me – so I don’t feel it’s disrespectful? to the book. I also tend to be reading half a dozen books at a time. So if things get heavy and I want to think about the book I do it whilst reading one of my lighter reads… if that makes sense. I don’t think it’s disrespectful to move on quickly because regardless of how soon you start reading something else – you’re still thinking about the first book. I really should think out what I’m going to say before I type it. This is a little like verbal diarrhoea but I hope you understand what I mean, Kayla!

  5. To be quite honest, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to leave a “mourning period”. I’m the type that doesn’t really get book hangovers though, so maybe that has something to do with it. I don’t necessarily think that it’s “disrespectful” per se haha. It’s kinda nice to move onto something nice and fluffy after reading something really heavy. It’s a very interesting thought though!

    By the way, the third book in the VA series? SO NOT FLUFFY. The ending = one of the worst cliffhangers ever.

    • Oh no. I’m on page 70(ish) and it isn’t too bad yet… At least I have book four already so I can move on immediately!

      I’m highly susceptible to book hangovers, so that may be why I’m a bit more weird when it comes to heavy vs. fluffy books.

    • I completely agree with you, Nara! I don’t really wait after finishing one book to start another. Sometimes a book can leave me feeling all of these EMOTIONS, but I don’t really have a waiting period before I start the next book. I don’t think it cheapens the previous book, but I see where people are coming from that it is odd to move from a heavy book to a more lighthearted one.’

      I wouldn’t exactly call the VA series fluffy (at least not the first books)!

  6. Fun topic! I feel like I HAVE to read a fluffy book after something intense because I just don’t feel like I could connect with another intense book so soon 🙂

  7. Somehow I’m the opposite. I have no qualms picking up a fluffy read after a heavy book. I can’t bring myself to pick up another heavy book straight after. Reading something lighter heightens my appreciation for the good book I just read. But now that I think about it, it’s at the detriment of the fluffy book. It inevitably gets a lower rating. Still, it’s like candy after a satisfying meal. I want something sweet to satisfy the book reading appetite but I’m too full to handle another emotionally draining book straight after.

    • AHH thank you for putting it into words for me! “It’s at the detriment of the fluffy book. It inevitably gets a lower rating.” That’s exactly what I meant I can’t believe I wasn’t able to form those two tiny sentences.

  8. After I finish a book I loved, I usually ease into the next book. I feel a bit bereft when I first finish. I can’t start anything else right away. So I start by picking what I’m reading next and marking it down on goodreads. Then I read the cover blurb. Then, sometimes after waiting a few hours, I start the next book.

  9. After The Raven Boys, I have to take two days to get out of my funk. I fell for that book so hard that I had to wait before starting VA!
    So, yeah, I need two days to grieve for that book that touched me and skinned my emotions. 😀

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