Looking Back at 2013

Hello 2014I know we’re already into our second day of 2014, but I figured now is better than never to take a look back at the last year. I had such a great year of blogging, even if I didn’t start until last May. So technically these stats cover about seven months of reading and blogging!

Reading Statistics

Books read: 114 total

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 12.22.35 PMFive Star Ratings: 37 books

Four Star Ratings: 33 books

Three Star Ratings: 26 books

Two Star Ratings: 9 books

One Star/DNF Ratings: 9 books

Longest Book Read: Insurgent at 525 pages

Shortest Book Read: Forged at 32 pages

Total Number of Pages Read: 33868 pages

Top Three Favorite Books Read: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo, Champion by Marie Lu, and Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson.

Top Three Least Favorite Books Read (not including DNF): Breathless by Lurlene McDaniel, Sometimes Never Sometimes Always by Elissa Janine Hoole, Scarred Love by MS Brannon

Blogging Statistics:

Reviews Posted: 111 reviews

Discussion Posts: 24 discussions

Most Popular Discussion: Seven Oddball Terms I’ve Come Up With Since Starting Blogging

Most Popular Review: White Like Milk, Red Like Blood by Alessandro D’Avenia

Search Term That Brought The Most Traffic: “logan merman smut” *fyi, what the heck? none of that on here!*

Most Commented-On Post: Help Me Pick Out My Sister’s Birthday Books! *you all were such a great help!!!*

Special Events of 2013

  • I was approved for a Disney Hyperion title on NetGalley after being declined repeatedly for months
  • I met Leigh Bardugo, Gennifer Albin, Jessica Brody, Ann Aguirre, and Marie Lu, and had all my books signed
  • I met Veronica, and made several other friends – Andi, Chiara, and Lillian!
  • I cut all my hair off and got the pixie cut that I’d been trying for for five years!


  • I had a huge life change in July, and since then I had a lot of lows, but also a lot of highs. I’m a completely different person now, with so much more confidence and hope for the future.

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2014

  • I started out the year with a bang, and got my second earring pierced. I finally got over my fear of needles, and it turns out that it didn’t hurt more than a pinch!


  • Loads more change! So much happened in 2013, and I’m ready for the pieces to finally settle and we can move on with our lives in 2014. My main three goals are: improve my confidence, self esteem, and mental health.
  • Writing my book, finally. It’s been too long since I put aside my passion for others. It’s time to focus on myself and my dreams.
  • Marvel movies!!! X-Men: Second Class, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Spider Man 2. Plus, Mockingjay pt. 1, The Hobbit: There and Back Again. And don’t forget Divergent, Vampire Academy, and The Fault In Our Stars!!! I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty more 😉
  • Finishing all the book series I started. So many open ends right now – I need some closure
  • I’m turning nineteen on June 29! It seems like it was just yesterday that I turned eighteen, and I’m already halfway to the next year! It’s also very close to the anniversary of the “event” from last summer, but I’m going to focus and enjoy that day because I refuse to let that taint my birthday. I’m looking forward to whatever happens as a nineteen year old!

Parting Words to 2013

To quote Dickens: it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. 2013 had some serious lows, and some serious highs. I’m beyond ready to say goodbye to it, and I have high hopes for 2014. As a closing to this post, I’ll share two things I found on tumblr that I thought were quite inspiring or helpful to me.

“2013 was the character development year; 2014 is the plot and action.”

“Remember: 2013 was a filler episode.”

Big and better things are waiting for this year, and I’m 100% ready for it!

How was your year? Anything special happen? What are your goals for the new year? 


17 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2013

  1. First of all: logan merman smut – WTF even is that. Seriously. THAT’S NOT EVEN HIS NAME, SEARCH PERSON. Hahaha.
    Third: I recently got two piercings in my ear, too! Just the one, cus I felt like it, haha. I was actually wondering if you had your ears pierced the other day (just to sound creepy) and thinking that it would be amazing with your pixie cut because people would actually be able to SEE what earrings you have on. And I am right. Loving those birdy chain ones, by the way 😀
    Fourth: Yay for finishing your book! YOU CAN DO IT. I know you can. You have a dedicated beta reader, right here.

    • GODDAMMIT AUTOCORRECT. I had typed Lerman but didn’t notice it switched to merman! *facepalm*

      It was actually a really funny thing because I’m not one of those people who does random things on a whim but I was shopping and found this pair of earrings that I thought would look great with a double piercing and then my mom said well why don’t we get them pierced? Half an hour later I was sitting in the chair getting holes put in my lobes xD I can’t wait till the 6 weeks is up so I can switch out the earrings.



        Ooo – spontaneous, I like it. It pretty much happened the same with me. I had been thinking about getting two piercings in the one ear for a while. One day we were at the shops, looking for somewhere that does two, and the pharmacist is all: I can do two! Sit down! And then it was done. Hurrah! I am three weeks in, and I cannot wait to change them out. I have these purpley-pinky studs, and I just bought so many pretty earrings with the post-Christmas sales and I just want to put them in already 😀


      • I’m only half a week in -_- And my right ear has a tiny infection, which I had hoped to avoid but should have expected it. I have extraordinarily sensitive ears – and even had to spend an extra $15 to get the 14K gold instead of just the gold-plated studs. APPARENTLY THAT DIDN’T HELP. Mine are just tiny fake-diamond studs – I wish I could have gotten colored ones! I’m already ready to put in my new earrings too xD

      • I don’t know whether to wait four or six weeks. The slip said 4-6. And I kind of want to change these ones and use the uber pretty ones I have but then I don’t want to screw it up, either D:
        NOOO. Stupid earrings. I had both ears pierced when I was a kid and they went all funky and just EW so I let them seal over. I was really worried about it this time, but it seems okay!
        They had the pinkish ones I have, and clear. And since the pinkish ones matched my hair, I got those ones 😀

  2. Ahhhh the pixie cut looks awesome on you! I don’t think I remember seeing a picture of it before, but I love it now that I’ve seen it 🙂 And yay for getting second holes in your ears. I have the same thing. It hurt, but not a ton. I really kind of want to get my nose pierced, but I’m super freaked out that a cartilage piercing is going to hurt way more.

    • Aww thank you!!! I’d like a nose piercing, but with my job it’s better to be more conservative and keep my piercings to my ears 😉 I’d consider getting one on the top of my ear though, but that’s cartilage too and that will hurt more… Only for a bit though so it’s probably worth it!

  3. Holy cow, you look so pretty with a pixie cut. Just wow O_O Not wanting to sound creepy or anything, but, uh, WOW! You pull it off so well 😀 And lol to the ‘logan merman smut’ as the search term that brought you the most traffic. My top search term is pretty boring: ‘seven days manga review’. So yeah, nothing great to share there.

    Oh, and yay for writing your book! I’m sure that it will be a wonderful story, Kayla! Do you mind hinting what it is about? You don’t have too, though!

    Happy New Year!

    • Aww thank you! You’re making me blush 🙂 And it was supposed to be Logan Lerman Smut but autocorrect changed it to merman -_- Stupid computer!

      I don’t mind at all! It’s based on genetic manipulation and contemplating free will. I just need to hone my plot a bit and then I can start writing it 🙂

  4. I am so excited for the new X-Men movie I can’t even say!! Have you seen the trailer which ends with Patrick Stewart talking to James McAvoy? Oooh, how I flipped out when I saw that! 🙂

  5. How in the world are you so organized? 😮 I can’t keep track of a month’s read nevertheless, a year! 114 books is a great feat! Congrats! 😀
    And yay for mentioning me! I love it when someone mentions me because I’m like a little cat waiting to be petted(or mentioned). :p

    That quote is awesomesauce. 2013 is character development! 😀
    If you need some pushing on your writing, I’m here to do so! 😀

    I need to get a second piercing! I’d love one and I will defy my parents this year and get myself one! 😀 And your hair! So chic! *.*

    Haha Search terms are hilarious! I need to search your blog and see where you talked of the swoony Logan Lerman! *dies*

    Im waiting for X-Men Second Class, Spider Man 2, Mockingjay part 1 as well and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS asdfghjkl

    • It took me like an hour to count everything up xD I’m not that organized!

      Ach yes yell at me Lillian! Although I’m sick right now and I can barely put one sentence together and make sense, much less create an entire story xD

      Don’t defy the parents – it never turns out well! I only had to wait an extra year for mine, and then it was really fun since I went with my mom and she was the one who said, “hey let’s do this!” And thanks love 😉 I like my hair too!

      That’s the funny thing – I never talked about Logan Lerman! Except maybe for Perks of Being a Wallflower? I don’t know.

      I won’t be able to watch TFiOS in theaters. I refuse to cry in public, so I guess I’ll just have to wait!

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