Review: Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) by Richelle Mead

Title: Frostbite
Author: Richelle Mead
Pages: 327
Genre: YA, paranormal
Series? Yes, Vampire Academy #2
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: April 10, 2008

Synopsis from Goodreads: Rose loves Dimitri, Dimitri might love Tasha, and Mason would die to be with Rose…

It’s winter break at St. Vladimir’s, but Rose is feeling anything but festive. A massive Strigoi attack has put the school on high alert, and now the Academy’s crawling with Guardians—including Rose’s hard-hitting mother, Janine Hathaway. And if hand-to-hand combat with her mom wasn’t bad enough, Rose’s tutor Dimitri has his eye on someone else, her friend Mason’s got a huge crush on her, and Rose keeps getting stuck in Lissa’s head while she’s making out with her boyfriend, Christian! The Strigoi are closing in, and the Academy’s not taking any risks… This year, St. Vlad’s annual holiday ski trip is mandatory.

But the glittering winter landscape and the posh Idaho resort only create the illusion of safety. When three friends run away in an offensive move against the deadly Strigoi, Rose must join forces with Christian to rescue them. But heroism rarely comes without a price…

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Dwarf Version

Frostbite is a great followup to the first Vampire Academy novel, and has every part of the first book that I loved, without being repetitive. The characters have mature, but there are new problems they encounter that challenge them even more. The action was breathtaking, and the ending was something I never expected. It was a bit incredibly heartbreaking, but it completely blew me away. I can’t decide whether I liked this book better or not, but either way it was an incredible sequel, and there’s zero sophomore slump here.

Supernova Version

So I always worry about sequel slumps, but Frostbite didn’t give me any of that. In fact, I almost think I liked this one better than the first book! I love how the characters developed, all the action and mystery of the plot, and the ski resort setting. I know it’s a bit ridiculous and way out of reach for us normal people with actual jobs, but these are fancy rich vampires, right? Of course they can afford a ski resort for winter break! This is when the “escapism” part of literature comes in, and I loved every second of it.

Spoilers for book one, so if you haven’t read it, read these next few paragraphs carefully!

First, the characters. All of them have matured, but they still have their core qualities. Rose is snarky, independent, and rash, but her impulsivity has been tempered a bit. Lissa is so much happier and well adjusted – I was really happy to see that she was doing better, and learning more about Spirit and it’s powers. Plus, her and Christian’s relationship is just so sweet and swoon-worthy ❤ They’re so perfect for each other! And talking about relationships – I was so torn between Rose + Dimitri or Rose + Mason. Ultimately, I was for Rose and Dimitri, but Mason was such a great friend to Rose: steady, caring, and protective. I think they would have made a cute couple, but it was missing that spark of chemistry that Rose and Dimitri have together. And last but not least – Adrian. I totally understand what everyone is talking about now *swoons* He reminds me of Sturmhond a bit – really rough on the outside and abrasive at first, but once he opens up he’s intelligent, curious, and helpful.

I think this book was actually more character driven, since the action doesn’t truly start happening until the last quarter of the book. Most of the focus is on the winter break at the ski resort, and all the characters working together to solve the mysteries surrounding the Strigoi attacks. But when that final battle comes in… wow. I was gripping the book so tightly, and couldn’t put it down at all! And then the ending? I was too stunned to cry, but I guarantee you that when I reread this one, I’ll be crying for sure.

By the way, in the search for the perfect gif, 50% were from Glee. Does everyone cry all the time on that show or what?

By the way, in the search for the perfect gif, 50% were from Glee. Does everyone cry all the time on that show or what?

I don’t want to say too much more, for fear of spoilers, but seriously, if you weren’t totally in love with the first book, give this one a go. It truly is a tremendous sequel, and I’m starting to lean in favor of it being better than the first VA book. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

My Final Rating:

Five Stars


9 thoughts on “Review: Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) by Richelle Mead

  1. I agree that I felt that Frostbite was better than the first. I didn’t like the first to begin with cause to me, Rose was really immature and way too impulsive but you’re right. She improves in Frostbite. Plus, Adrian is there haha.

  2. YAY! You liked the second book! Now that I’ve read the whole series, I love reading VA reviews. I loved Frostbite, too, and Adrian!!! Yay yay yay. I like how you compared him to Sturmhond. I didn’t notice it before, but you’re right, they’re totally kind of similar. Sort of witty and arrogant and flirty. I love them both!

  3. I’m in love with this series too 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. Adrian is such a fun character, I really loved his personality and how he interacted with everyone else. Great review!

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