Weekly Update 13 (February 9)

Yoooo!!! I just want to say this before I start into talking about myself: you all are the greatest blogging buddies I could ask for. I was so worried that after my break no one would read my blog again, but you guys came back in full force! *huge hugs for all* And maybe I’ll make cookies too 😀

If you couldn’t tell, I was ridiculously excited for all the book releases last week – the 4th to be exact. I told you all that I had preordered Alienated, Ignite Me, and Unite Me, but was skipping Cress until March. Well… I lied.

photo 1THE BEAUTY. LOOK AT ALL OF THEM. When the package with IM, UM, and Alienated showed up, I had a cup of milk in my hand, and apparently I got so excited (which also included me making wookie-like sounds) that I left the cup out for a few hours only to find it later all… warm milk-y. BUT I HAD MY BOOKS AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.

photo 2I already read both. And. I. Can’t. CANNOT. *dies* Ignite Me was just flawless. FLAWLESS. It was everything I wanted, and more. The PERFECT ending to an amazing series.

photo 3I read Alienated already too, and while it didn’t floor me like I was expecting, it was still a solid four star read. The first half was lots of exposition – if it had been more quickly paced I think it would have been a five star. I’ll have my review up soon! Oh, and Cress. *pets lovingly* I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t. But I was driving home and there was bad traffic and I needed a restroom so OF COURSE I stopped at BN. And it was there… and it was calling me… and I had extra cash in my wallet… and all of a sudden I was in line. I don’t know how it happened. I say we blame Lunar magic. That works, yeah?

And then… I had such a beautiful week on NetGalley. LOOOOOOOKKKK!!!!!

I’ve been pining after BOTH these books, and was approved for BOTH! I got the emails while at a particularly rough day of work – it was the perfect boost to get me through the day!

If you missed it, this week I posted:

I really liked this “post 3-4 times a week” thing, rather than feeling stressed to churn out 6-7 posts in a week. I’m really enjoying being back! The only thing I’ve noticed is that I review fewer books – and I’ve read 15 this year already, plus there’s at least 6 from last year that I never reviewed! I want to share them all with you, so picking which ones is probably the only thing that’s stressing me right now.

So this week I’ll be doing TTT again, reviewing Ignite Me (spoiler free) on Wednesday, discussing Ignite Me (with spoilers) on Thursday (because I have too many thoughts and need to be completely honest with y’all), and then Friday I’ll review Alienated.

And now I have a question for you: when you read too many books to review them all, do you just not review them? Or do you post all reviews on Goodreads, then pick your favorites to share on your blog? Please share with the blogger that apparently reads too much! 


11 thoughts on “Weekly Update 13 (February 9)

  1. Great haul. I have Ignite Me coming this week. I’m so excited! I tend to try and review all that I read, but I’m always ahead of my blog, so I often do have a post going out daily. Because I’m ahead, I don’t feel pressure to read faster. I only don’t post a review of a certain book, if I don’t finish it or I didn’t find it that great. It’s not that I don’t like posting negative reviews.. I certainly don’t mind. It’s just if I don’t think people will be that interested in it, I don’t bother. Eeek, sorry for my mini essay. I’m glad you’re back!

  2. Hey what if you do like a post with “mini reviews”? just a paragraph highlighting a book you want to review but don’t have the time, energy, motivation to write? I’m thinking if doing that. Haha. And I’m sigmas you’re back. I think today’s post of my favorite one of the week. 😀

  3. I’ve heard a LOT of mixed thoughts on both Ignite Me and Alienated, but I hope you enjoy them both. Especially Ignite Me since it’s the end of a trilogy and conclusions can always be a little love-or-hate, depending on the book. I wasn’t a fan of Cress, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And the book really is so gorgeous! Wonderful post!(:

  4. Such a great haul, Kayla! Immensely Jealous!
    I still haven’t started the Shatter Me or Cinder. :/

    But, anyway, when it comes to reading to many books and not enough posting time? Yeeeah. That’s so me right now, too. I also limit myself to two reviews per week.

    So, I write the review, but then let it sit on word (or wordprpess) until I’m ready to post it. I also prioritize. If there is a netgalley book there, or another ARC, then that generally goes first. If there are other’s that I haven’t had the room to post, then they chill there until I have a reading slump or blogging break, where I can then just whack the review up and not worry about it.

    Hope that helps!

    • I highly recommend both series!!!

      And it definitely does help! I’ll just need to remember to write my reviews before I forget all the details about the book, and then keep it stored away. Thanks!

  5. The pictures aren’t working for me! 😦 But YAY Ignite Me was amazing! And I’m so glad you’re back from your blogging break (obviously). Posting less is a good solution, I think. I purposefully only post 5 times a week, because I feel like if I did any more than that, it would stress me out. And it also gives me time to schedule posts in advance in case I ever want to take a day or two off from blogging.

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