Weekly Update 15 (February 23)

Once again, it is Sunday! The week flew by for me, and it’s already almost March. MARCH. How did that happen?! It’s just all too much.

I actually had a lot going on this week, now that I think about it. It’s been a weird, one, I’ll be honest! A week ago I started taking Melatonin at night to help me sleep, since I was getting 4-6 hours a night for weeks on end (NOT a fun way to operate, let me tell you). It works like magic, but after a few days I noticed that I was constantly lethargic, foggy, unfocused, and mildly depressed. Turns out, all of those are possible side effects of Melatonin. And since I’m so sensitive to medication in the first place, I shouldn’t even be surprised that this stuff knocked me off my feet. So now I’m off it, and even though it took a while to get the fogginess away, I’m feeling much better. Except now returns the problem of insomnia! Oh the woes of my life *swoons like a saloon girl*

Okay but in all honesty other than the weirdness of the side effects, I had a pretty awesome week. I found out that my car DOESN’T need a new timing belt (an $800 repair), and I was able to pay off the last bit of one of my student loans! I finally went to my favorite used book store, and got credit for the oodles of books I’ve been culling over the last few weeks. Plus, for a whopping $2 I bought three books (one, not pictured, was for my sister – her own copy of City of Bones)

photo 2-2I loved Sanderson’s Steelheart, so I figured I’d give another of his books a try. Plus, it’s a near-perfect condition hardback. I couldn’t turn it down! And Witch & Wizard is one I read when I was maybe 14 or 15, but it’s on my Kindle and I wanted a physical copy.

photo 1-2My grandparents also came to visit for a Valentine’s Day brunch (we’re a family that loves love, okay? It’s basically an excuse to surprise each other with presents), and they gifted me with some money, with which I bought the Shadowhunter’s Codex! After all my TMI reading, I’d had my eye on this and had planned to buy it sometime next month, but they beat me to it!

Speaking of TMI reading, since last Sunday when I announced I’d be binging everything Ms. Clare has to offer, I’ve finished the first three books. And I’m totally treating it as a single trilogy like it was originally intended, because I LOVED it. That way, if the next two books suck, in my head it’s a separate series so books 1-3 aren’t tainted 😉 And now I’m taking a tiny break to read the Shadowhunter’s Codex, one review copy that I’ve procrastinated on as long as I feasibly can, and then I shall resume with City of Fallen Angels.

And every single person who commented on my posts have mentioned how much they loved Clockwork Princess – but that it also broke their heart. And I am telling you all now: in commenting on my post and sharing your feels, you have signed the contract that states that you accept my weeping self on your doorstep when I finally trudge through the pain. Just a heads up.

Also: I’ve been watching the City of Bones movie on repeat pretty much. I think in the last five days I’ve seen it at least four or five times? I think it can be officially classified as an obsession.

Also: one last mention of my obsessions – I recently bought this CD by A Great Big World called Is There Anybody Out There? and you guys NEED to listen to it! It’s a bit more pop-ish than I’m used to, but it’s really upbeat and uplifting. Plus, look at this cover:

To top it all off, the track “Say Something” is freakishly close enough to the book I’m writing to be its theme song. I put it on repeat and the words start flowing!

If you missed it, this week I shared:

Tomorrow I’ll be debuting my new feature: something I’m calling The Writing Life. Since I’ve started writing my novel again, I wanted a place to discuss that part of my interests, plus, I’m going to be asking you all, as readers, for your honest opinions. I know what like, but I want to hear what you like and what you want to read! I’ll also be doing Top Ten Tuesday, reviewing Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi, discussing strange reading habits, and reviewing Avalon by Mindee Arnett.

How was your week? Anyone ever heard of or taken Melatonin; what was your experience with it? Do you like the first three books in TMI better than the fourth and fifth? What movie can you watch over and over again and not get sick of it? 


12 thoughts on “Weekly Update 15 (February 23)

  1. Your use of .gifs absolutely make my day! I loved reading the Witch & Wizard series – might go back and give it a good re-reading! 🙂

  2. I just got the Shadowhunters Codex not too long ago and it’s hilarious. Clary’s, Simon’s and Jace’s asides make it so much fun.

    Yay you finished the first three! The first to me are there own series, they could completely stand alone and remain awesome. But I actually do really like the next two that are are out, especially City of Lost Souls, SO many things happen!

    Looking forward to your new feature (I’m writing a novel too, so I’m really excited about any tips you have to offer). 🙂

    • I stayed up to finish it last night – I totally agree! Especially when Simon makes his vamp remarks xD

      Okay, now I have more confidence for books 4 and 5. I was so worried because I know a lot of people don’t like them nearly as much!

      I’d love to talk to you about writing any time!

      • Yes, I do think you’ll like 4 and 5. What I like about it is she focuses on a wide range of characters instead of just Jace and Clary.

        Yay! As soon as I get caught up in blogging posts (I’m trying to get ahead) I’ll look at my book again so I can see where I need work. Thanks Kayla, I’m really looking forward to that new feature!

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