I Admit that I Have Some Strange Habits

Reading HabitsWe’ve all talked about bookmarks versus dog-earing, hardback versus paperback, do you take off a dust jacket or keep it on while reading, and so on and so forth. We all have our preferences, and we will have a million more discussions about whether or not dog-earing a page is blasphemy and punishable by a three week reading ban.

However, as I pay more attention to myself as I read, I’ve found that I have a few *possibly weird, probably hilarious* behaviors that I will admit to. Warning: you’re about to find out what a freak I am. Proceed with caution!

I hit myself with books

Yep, you read it right! I hit myself with books. If I’m reading, and I’m absolutely gobstopped by the event that just happened and I’m FREAKING OUT and cannot contain myself and have no bookish buddies to talk to, then I bang the book against my knees and then hunt down my mom so I can wail in her general direction. Usually this works best with hardbacks, though. And it actually does kind of hurt. BUT THE FEELS ARE PAINFUL TOO!

I announce plot twists

I don’t say exactly what happened – I just scream “plot twist!” Again – this is usually when I don’t have someone to talk to so of course I must announce it publicly.

I touch books like they’re lovers

It’s frankly very creepy. You can ask Veronica – she’s seen me do it. But sometimes I just stand at my shelves and run my fingers over the spines because I just HAVE to touch them and remember all the lovely memories they gave me. I’ve done it at stores too, so this is a public behavior as well.

The answer to the question you’re asking right now: yes, I have issues. Clearly something is very wrong with me!

What are some strange reading or bookish habits you have? Do you touch books lovingly as well? Can we be creepers together??


41 thoughts on “I Admit that I Have Some Strange Habits

  1. “I touch books like they’re lovers.” I’ve been known to do that.

    When I was reading a lot of hardcover books, I also had very strict requirements (I had to remove the book cover, get comfortable on my chair, make sure the lighting was just right, etc.), because it was all about the experience.

  2. I TOUCH BOOKS LIKE THEY’RE LOVERS TOO! I have many books stacked up on my desk and while studying, I just look up and give them a slight brush with a dreamy look in my eyes. We shall be creepers together and rule the world! πŸ˜€
    When I’m reading an exciting scene, I have his giddy smile just stuck on my face. So that is equivalent to screaming “plot twist!”
    How does Princess handle you hitting yourself with the book? :p


      Giddy smiles work too πŸ˜‰

      And she doesn’t handle it very well… Most often she glares at me like “who DARES to disturb my nap???” Ignoring the fact that she’s lucky she’s even on my lap because she smells and needs a bath x_x And then she circles around and paws at my legs until I put them back in the right spot for her…

  3. I hit myself with books, too. Especially if something happens and I have to have some kind of emotional outlet. Bam, sorry knees. Life’s a bitch. But seriously, I can slap myself with a book a few times. It’s just those moments where my mind is all: I JUST CAN’T. Or, if I am not so keen on the bruises thing, I’ll hit the bed with it a few times. Like, I just need to get rid of the book induced stress somehow.
    I don’t announce plot twists with those exact words, but I sometimes announce them anyway. If it’s a novel that I anticipate having a plot twist, I’ll sometimes voice my suspicions to my mum for later proof of my amazing guessing abilities. And then when I get it right, I almost always do, I just yell: I KNEW IT. I GUESSED IT. I don’t think my mum actually CARES about these plot twists, but I like knowing that I have a fair amount of genius in my head.
    I definitely stroke books. In many situations.
    1. In the bookstore. I see a book I want. I want the book. I pull the book off the shelf. I stoke the book.
    2. When books arrive in the mail. I rip open the package, and I stroke the book. Must make sure book is safe. Must give love to book.
    3. If I finish a book and I love it. Look at this precious piece of preciousness. It deserves love. It need love. Must stroke book to show it love.
    4. When I am perusing my shelves, and I come across a baby. Must reassure book that it is loved. Must stroke book.
    5. If I just have books lying around that I have recently bought but have yet to move into my room (seriously, there were three piles of books on my kitchen bench last week). I will pass book by, and realise again how special book is. Cannot resist stroking beautiful book.
    So, we can have weird book habits together. Another reason for our perfect marriage, Wifey ❀

  4. We can be creepers together! I have a friend who screams out “plot twist!”, but I don’t myself.

    I tend to take off book jackets as to not crease of tear them by accident when I read. They’re also quite fiddly. I do touch books like they are lovers – and I also…erm…sniff books. Privately and in public. And I don’t mean like little bunny sniffs. I MEAN, I’M DYING OF AIR, HUGE INTAKE OF AIR SNIFF. And it literally is any book. My seminar leader (for one of my modules at uni and who I have a slight crush on) caught be sniffing a friend’s book as hers was an older edition that remind me of old libraries. I got a weird, but amused look. I also think dog-earing pages in a book is A SIN.

    • Fiddly – the perfect word to describe jackets. I love them on, because it’s so beautiful, but they just slip and annoy me while I’m reading.

      I can’t believe I forgot about the book sniffing. I FORGOT ABOUT THE BOOK SNIFFING!!! And don’t worry – I totally do that too. Like my first breath after drowning πŸ˜‰

      As far as dog-earing, to each their own πŸ˜‰ Though I’ve found I prefer a bookmark, because they’re pretty.

      • Book sniffing is awesome. Also addictive. It’s a drug! πŸ˜‰

        I love bookmarks – I have so many I lose count, but they’re are quite pretty. I’m currently using one that has a Tolkien quote on it πŸ™‚

  5. Not only do I do the touching I have an obesession with the no breaking the spine of the book rule. All books of mine must stay in tact. I even give a mini lecture if someone wants to borrow mine to not bend it or dog ear it.

  6. Hahahaha, Oh Kayla. I too hit myself with books. And I well hug your books every time I go over so it’s not weird that you touch them like lovers BAHAHAHHAH.
    When no one is arround and something really exciting just happened, I set the book down, stand up scream OMG, run around the sofa and sit back down… yeah I’m weird too. Let’s embrace the weirdness!! πŸ˜€

  7. LOL! I love the second one! I might have to start yelling that too. Mostly I just flail around a little, haha.

    I’m also known to do the third! Sometimes I’ll just sit with a book in my lap and stroke the cover. I’m not ashamed!

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  9. This post made me giggle so much, and I hardly ever giggle, so I commend you on your giggling capabilities.

    I get a bit violent myself when something drastic happens in books, my family calls it overreacting but THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND.

    Now because of this post I’m going to start announcing “plot twist” because it sounds like so much fun. I’m going to do it in real life too, when I feel something plot twisty has happened.

    Great post Kayla, I love that you love books like I do. πŸ™‚

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  12. I may or may not do the last thing that you mentioned here *whistles nonchalantly*
    Some of the books just feel so nice though! Like, Cruel Beauty is so soft and nice and πŸ˜€

    I have to admit the other two things are weird though lolz.

    • I have an ARC of Cruel Beauty, but I don’t think it’s quite the same as the hardback 😦

      Ah, well, I make it a point to be a bit weird πŸ˜‰ Life is interesting that way!

  13. Hahahaha this is hilarious. I admit that I do the last one, too. Especially now that we just got a new bookcase. I constantly just walk over to that side of the room and look at my books. Sometimes I’ll rearrange one or two of them to see if I like them in a different spot. It’s kind of obsessive and weird. But they’re just so PRETTY. And I can’t stop loving them.

    • Ohhhh I remember seeing a picture of that shelf – I’d be hugging it too! And someday soon I have to rearrange my books, but I’m dreading that day. I can never decide how it all should go together O_O

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  17. Haha I love all of these. I can’t help but touch my books, too. My weirdest habit, though: I always read the last sentence of a book first. Unless it’s an ebook. It can be very detrimental or it can mean nothing (at the time). I should really quit cold turkey on this one.

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