Top Ten Popular Authors I Haven’t Read

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Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read. Finally, a topic I excel in!

1. Maria V. Snyder. I’ve heard she’s really good with fantasy? Or am I totally wrong here?

2. Laurie Hale Anderson. I’m thinking either Wintergirls or The Knife of Impossible Memory – which one for my first?

3. Lauren Oliver. My sister has the first two books in the Delirium trilogy… Maybe I’ll start them. Someday!

4. Neil Gaiman. EVERYONE talks about him, but I don’t even know what genre he writes.

5. Rainbow Rowell. Okay, this one half counts. I’ve read the first thirty pages of Fangirl!

6. Melissa de la Cruz. I almost bought her latest, Frozen, but ended up skipping. And now I can’t find it at BN anywhere.

7. Cornelia Funke. I admit here and now that I’ve never even opened the first page of Inkheart.

8. Patrick Ness. Again – what genre does he write? Fantasy or mystery? I’m so confused. 

9. Gayle Forman. Though I do have If I Stay on my shelf! I’m just too scared to read it. 

10. David Leviathan. I’d like to read Will Grayson, Will Grayson soon. I almost bought it on Sunday, but was good and held to my ban. 

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Popular Authors I Haven’t Read

  1. I had to stop and revive myself after the first name on that list. MY GAWD KAYLA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GIRL MARIA IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING I LOVE THAT WOMAN WITH A LOVE UNRIVALLED. Everything she writes is pure gold and I love it ASDFGHJKL. READ NAO.
    I read Stardust by Neil Gaiman and was seriously unimpressed. I haven’t had the heart to pick up another one of his books since.
    I’ve read If I Stay! I didn’t think it was as mindblowing as everyone made is out to be, but it’s still a really good book.
    I haven’t read any books by the other authors you’ve mentioned! We are in the same boat, wifey ❤

  2. Ooooh you should definitely start with Speak where Laurie Halse Anderson is concerned! And Inkheart is soooooooo good! As is Patrick Ness…read them, read them all! 😉

      • He writes both YA and Adult fiction. His YA series (The Chaos Walking Trilogy) is Dystopian…but totally different to all the recent dystopian YA books. 🙂

  3. I really love Laurie Halse Anderson’s writing. I loved Wintergirls and Speak, so I’d recommend those, for sure. My favourite Rainbow Rowell book is Eleanor & Park.

    • I’m glad to hear Wintergirls was good – I know that the hardback version is available really cheap at a store near me… Maybe I’ll take a trip and get it 😉

      I have Eleanor & Park too, should I start with that one over Fangirl?

  4. Until you read Lauren Oliver and Fangirl, we can not be friends anymore. 😀 Just kidding. I guess I can stay your friend because I haven’t read Harry Potter and I know how you feel about those books. HA.

    • AND Angelfall! But I forgive you too 😉 I plan on reading Fangirl soon! I’ve finally gotten out of my sci-fi only binge – I’m reading Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour! Though you didn’t tell me it was sad -_-

  5. I haven’t read any of these except Lauren Oliver (and I didn’t finish what I started of hers), and I put Neil Gaiman and Patrick Ness on my list as well.

  6. Sooooo, I’ve read every author on your list with the exception of Cornelia Funke. I highly recommend that you drop everything that you are doing and read Mistborn immediately. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 🙂

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  8. I love Lauren Oliver 🙂 I think her books are really hit or miss for some people though. And it’s a weird thing for me, I don’t love a lot of her stories but I LOVEEEEE her writing! I haven’t read a lot of your list either … there are just SO many books!!

  9. I absolutely cannot recommend Patrick Ness enough! He is, by far, my favourite author. Both YA books I’ve read of his (A Monster Calls and More Than This) have been five stars, and the adult book I read (The Crane Wife) was still a four, even though I didn’t like it as much as his YA work. Really, he’s just amazing. His writing is so beautiful and his characters are the most human I’ve ever read.

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