Weekly Update 17 (March 9)

Well hello Sunday my old friend. And hello to you all you as well! I had a crazy busy week, but it was also packed with awesome – most notably Veronica’s birthday! She and I had In N Out (soooo good – we put healthy eating on hold for the day), and then spent the afternoon at the mall, mostly convincing each other not to buy things. But she eventually bought a really nice pair of sunglasses, and I tested out the “Taylor” Taylor Swift perfume scent while we were at Sephora (and decided that I really really want a bottle because it smells DELICIOUS). And then, of course, we ended our day at Barnes and Noble.

photo-2Now there’s a story to this picture – since as I’m sure you can see that Throne of Glass is missing. Well… Barnes and Noble has failed me. I know, take a moment to breathe in the tragedy. Throne of Glass was there when I visited last Sunday for Veronica’s birthday book (Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger), but I held out for Thursday so I would have a specific goal in mind when walking in. And since I knew I would be buying Throne of Glass, I ordered Crown of Midnight because it was $11 online, believing that I would get both on Thursday and it would be a happy day! BUT IT WASN’T THERE ANYMORE. GONE. NADA. VAMOOSED. After my mini-meltdown, and because I had 25% off, I ended up buying The Assassin’s Blade (which I hadn’t planned on getting till April or May). And then I went home and ordered Throne of Glass off the BN website. But it won’t be here till Monday at least.

tl;dr version: I have two books on my shelf that I can’t read, because Barnes and Noble sits on a throne of lies.

In other news… I was approved for three books on NetGalley this week! I know I keep saying I’m going to clean out my queue and only request books that I absolutely must have, but I failed on that too.

Torn Away I didn’t even know the premise for, but I saw the words “Jennifer Brown” and “read now for the first 500” and I jumped on it. I’ve been wanting to read one of her books, and now that I see what this one is about, I’m thinking I’ll really enjoy it. Breaking Free is a nonfiction, one of the first I’ll ever read. And The Truth About Alice I’m not sure how I missed, but I really wanted to read it. All in all, a very good week for NG!

And here is the crown jewel of the week… *drumroll please*

photo-3Tada!!! I’ve been waiting WEEKS for this, and I got the special Target version with the extra 45 minutes of bonus features 😀 I can’t wait to watch it all!

Also: I’m now on a ban for the rest of the month. Because I have completely decimated my “book and movie” budget. But it was so worth it!

If you missed it, this week I:

This week I’ll be discussing Manic Pixie Dream Girls on The Writing Life, listing my top ten all time favorite books in the sci-fi genre, reviewing Full-Blood Half-Breed by Cleve Lamison, talking about how I turned from a hardback-hater to a hardback-lover, and reviewing Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. I’m really excited for this week’s posts, actually – hope you enjoy them as well!

Hope you all have a good week!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update 17 (March 9)

  1. Great haul! O hope you get ToG asap because it’s an amazing series and then you can binge read and adore it and have your heart torn out like the rest of us. SUCH FUN.
    The Truth About Alice looks awesome as well!
    Happy reading!

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