Top Ten Books in the Sci-fi Genre

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Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in X Genre. I’ve chosen science fiction, since the last time I did this one I think I chose fantasy. Most of you probably remember that I was on a gigantic sci-fi kick for the first two months of 2014 – here are some of my favorites!

1. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This was the first sci-fi book I ever read, and it’s still one of my favorites. It was the book that inspired me to be a writer – I wanted to inspire others just as Bradbury had changed me!

2. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Another book that changed my way of thinking and opened up so many possibilities as far as how I considered problems. 

3. Control by Lydia Kang. While this one had some faults (which I’ll talk about when I review it next week), the basic ideas that Kang started as far as the genetically-linked abilities really has some potential and I’m very excited to see how they develop in the second book.

4. Altered by Jennifer Rush. For sure an underrated series – and Andi agrees with me! There’s some romance, some action, and a whole lot of mysterious genetic tricks going on.

5. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. While Cinder was a great start to the series, Scarlet is really what sold me on the whole thing. I loved the fiery nature of Scarlet, and with the Lunar tech involved, I couldn’t put it down. 

6. Avalon by Mindee Arnett. Well I know that half of you don’t like the similarities to Firefly, but I freaking LOVED it. The characters, the adventures, the space – PERFECT!

7. The Program by Suzanne Young. This one has a bit more contemporary in it, but the basic ideas are sci-fi based. It’s an interesting take on depression and mental illness as well – I highly recommend it!

8. Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. This is like fantasy and sci-fi blended, and while I haven’t read the second or third books, this one had some technology that kind of reminds me of that new book coming out this month called Elusion. I’d have liked to see more of the tech, but the fantasy bits were great as well. 

9. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Okay, I know it isn’t pure science fiction, but there’s enough of it in there I think. To be honest I just really wanted to include this book because I’m watching the movie right now and it’s just fdjakslfjas;fed *flails*

10. The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. More dystopian than sci-fi, but it has some sci-fi roots as far as the technology and such. It’s race-based, but the beginning and the school parts are really interesting, despite the fact that the characters are just sitting at desks.

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!


19 thoughts on “Top Ten Books in the Sci-fi Genre

  1. Ender’s Game and Fahrenheit 451 are both on my must-read-asap list, as well as Control! Scarlet, The Program and Catching Fire were all wonderful books, so I’m glad they made it to your list! ❤

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    • Honestly, I can’t say which you should read first! Both are so incredible 😀 Not many people read The Program (or if they do, no one is talking about it!), so I’m glad you loved it!

  2. Your list reminds me that while I read a metric ton of fantasy on a regular basis, my sci-fi reading is lacking. I need to work on that.

    • I thought so as well; I was only missing a few Finnick moments that really showed off the depth of his personality.

      You should start with The Program! The second book in the duology comes out next month, so it’s a perfect time 🙂

  3. I really want to get more into sci-fi. It’s not really my thing, but I’m thinking that I might like it more if I choose the right books. ALL of these besides Catching Fire and Under the Never Sky are on my TBR list, and that’s just because I’ve read both of those already. Obviously I LOVED Catching Fire — my favorite of the trilogy — but I was disappointed with Under the Never Sky :/ It was the world-building of it, though, not the sci-fi elements, and pretty much everybody else LOVED it, so I think that it was more of an “it’s me, not you” kind of thing. I’m really excited to read all of the other books on this list, though. I can’t believe I’ve never read Fahrenheit 451!! Like, how did I get through honors English and an undergrad English major without ever being forced to read that?

    • Sci-fi is definitely one of those tricky genres. You can get the uber hardcore stuff that’s even too much for me, but I’ve found that it’s usually the adult sci-fi. YA sci-fi works better for me because it has more of a balance between the characters and plot, and the tech part.

      And WHAT!!! I think I need the name of your schools so I can storm the gates and demand that they put Fahrenheit 451 on their reading lists. I think every single HS student needs to read that book at some point, just once, even if they hate it. There is so much to learn from it!

  4. Ooh I’ve read 6/10 books on your list. I’ve yet to read Fahrenheit 451 but it’s high on my list! I loved Ender’s Game so much. The writing style was so distinctly different.. The ending was a bit of a downer with the bugger queen stuff though. That’s why I haven’t read the second book yet. Control was awesome as well! Great post 🙂

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