Review: Miyuki by Veronica Bane

Title: Miyuki
Author: Veronica Bane
Pages: 195
Genre: YA, fantasy
Series? Yes, Unusuals #2
Publisher: Black Hill Press
Publication Date: April 2014

Synopsis from Goodreads: In the town of Jericho, a group of misfit teenagers haunts the underbelly of their society. Armed with the ability to manipulate different parts of nature, these teenagers fight for their right to stay alive. In the months following an attack on their lives, danger still lurks around them. Those behind the original strike have risen from the ashes, and new powers are beginning to reveal themselves. With this mysterious threat imminent, Mara, Miyuki, and the rest of the Unusuals must stand together to fight. However, time is running out for the group, for someone—or something—is hunting them, and this time around, not all of them will survive.

“Picking up where Mara left off, Miyuki is an enthralling tale that brims with the same action-packed storytelling and complex teenage realism that fueled its predecessor. Author Veronica Bane has built Jericho into a supremely engaging world that is at once strangely mysterious and comfortingly familiar, and the pulse-pounding buildup to our unlikely heroes’ final confrontation will leave readers clamoring to know what will happen next.” -Ashley Heaton, Editor


The YachtOnce again, Veronica Bane has proven to me that I truly can enjoy short stories! Although I’m still left wishing for more of this fantastic series. Miyuki starts right where Mara, the previous story, ended, and there isn’t any break for the characters or the pace. I ended up finishing the entire thing in about two hours, reading straight through to the end!

Even though this book is titled after Miyuki, one of the main characters, it doesn’t focus only on her adventures. The perspective bounces between Chris and Mara as well, and even though I usually stay away from multiple POVs, I found that it worked this time. Another thing I noticed: Bane’s writing has really improved since Mara. The writing was clearer, and the details more concrete than before.

I loved all of the characters, even when they were extraordinarily rude to each other and I just wanted to yell at them for being such idiots. But that’s where the realism comes in; despite them all needing to band together as Unusuals, they’re still teens, and get on each others’ nerves a lotSo I liked the small scenes of down time to allow those relationships to grow and expand. Another note: there is no peace for these characters. No mercy.

And I may or may not have screamed out loud at a certain part. Because feels.

In the end, I loved the entire story. And I would have given it five stars, but I just felt that the length took away some of the possibilities. There’s still a bit of world building I’d like to see, and some scenes felt a bit vague and skipped through. It also may be a personal thing, since I love to linger over details and over-describe events. So really it’s a minor thing that may just be a chip in my shoulder and not an actual issue with the book. I highly recommend this series, and I’m very excited to see where it goes from here!

Note: I was given a review copy of Miyuki from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

My Final Rating:

Four Anchors


9 thoughts on “Review: Miyuki by Veronica Bane

  1. Yey, I’ll be reading Mara and this one soon so I’m super excited that you clearly liked it. Personally, I have a hard time liking novellas because they’re too short for my taste but I’m glad that this one made you enjoy them. I’ll be looking forward to the feels! Awesome review, Kayla! 😀

    • I struggle with novellas as well, but these ones really stand out. Of course, I’d still love to have full length novels, but the length works for these stories!

      And you ARE NOT looking forward to the feels it was AWFUL HAZEL I CAN NOT DEAL

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  5. I’m so glad you liked this one Kayla! I have yet to read it, but I’m quite excited after reading Mars. And you mentioned hat she has improved a lot so I’m really looking forward to seeing that. You just scared me with the feels part. Haha. Please tell me no one dies. Mabel. Yes? Please? 😛

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