The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week One

The Writing Life NaNo1
Welcome to my weekly feature, wherein I discuss writing style of authors, elements of books that are particularly interesting to me, and at times my own writing escapades as I venture into the writing process of my fourth novel. And, as a researching and always-learning aspiring author, I want to hear your opinions on these bits and pieces that make up our beloved paperbacks.

Most of the time I find that in reviews we talk about the feels or the romance or the plot, but here I want to get to the nitty gritty of syntax and devices and whatnot. Mafi’s similes and metaphors? Sanderson’s world building? McGarry’s ability to write three books with the same romantic trope and yet all three books are freaking fantastic? All of that, and more!

Camp NaNoWriMo: Week One

For the next four weeks, I’ll be recapping my escapades as I attempt to write 10K words in the month of April. I know it’s a small goal, compared to the usual 50K, but it’s what I can do. And I’ve been keeping up the pace, so I’m quite proud of myself!

Right now my word count is: 1356. Not even a chapter, but it’ll do.

This is my favorite bit I’ve written this week:

“I’ll handle the tent,” I decide, this time meaning it for Hunter’s ears. When he doesn’t respond, I walk around the front of the car to find him standing, without a hand resting on the door for balance, with his eyes closed and the most peaceful expression I’ve seen in a long time on his face. And then I realize that he’s in the perfect location to feel the breeze gently blowing through the campsites. It smells like pine and dust: pure and clean.

I wonder if I can find a Febreze scent to match this. Or a car freshener.

“Hunter,” I murmur, trying not to disturb him but at the same time feeling the need to micromanage. He blinks a few times, like Rip Van Winkle waking up and wondering where he is. And then he glances at me, eyebrows raised in a voiceless question, and – holy shit – is that a smile I see at the corner of his mouth?

He turns to face me and I drop my thoughts into a pile of knotted cords, all ends lost and fraying in the shock. He is smiling. Just a tiny one, barely a curve, but the right side is definitely higher than the other. When I notice that his scar is more stretched than usual, I know for sure.

Part of me wants to cry from joy and scream my news from the nearest cliff, but the more controlled side takes over and instead I find myself smiling back at him. No teeth – I don’t think either of us are there yet – but it’s a step.

Why is it my favorite? This is from chapter seven, and the previous six chapters have all been pretty depressing. Just ask my beta readers – Chiara, Miranda, and Lillian. They’ve given me a few choice pieces of feedback – all of which I’ve laughed at maniacally because it means I’m doing something right!

And since this is my blog, and shameless self promotion is an advantage I’m willing to take, you can click THIS LINK (like the all caps? Shameless) to go to my wattpad account and read the prologue and first two chapters of my WIP, Take Me to the Sea!

What about you? How is your NaNo experience going so far? Do you like your cabin mates? What’s you’re favorite line that you wrote? 


10 thoughts on “The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week One

  1. Whoo hoo, progress is progress! I don’t think I realzied you were just continuing on a WIP you have so I was thinking, “Wow, intense first chapter!” until you explained it’s from chapter 7! Hope you don’t mind that I shared the link to this post on the hangout page. 🙂

  2. Awwww. That’s such a cute excerpt – I love her amazement at seeing Hunter smiling. ❤ I wish you luck with Camp NaNo as well! 😀 This is probably my favourite excerpt (from one of my WIPs) that I've written this week… I love the interaction between two of my MCs 😉 By the way, Silas is the name of the antagonist.

    “Do you trust me?” Jasper said, fast and low.

    “Just the fact that you’re asking that worries me.”

    But Silas was growing ever closer. There was no time to debate it. “Answer the question!” Jasper told her. “Do you trust me?”

    Bree thought for a split second. “No. Not in the least.”

    She barely caught a flash of that infuriatingly cocky grin before Jasper was pulling her to her feet, and suddenly they were eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, chests flush against each other. Jasper leaned into her ear, and Bree’s heartbeat sped up as she felt his breath ghost against her skin.

    “Good,” Jasper whispered.

    And before she could react, he had grabbed her hand and they were jumping into the cold, thin air.

  3. Hahaha I LOVE this line, “And then he glances at me, eyebrows raised in a voiceless question, and – holy shit – is that a smile I see at the corner of his mouth?” That’s good stuff. Keep up the great work, I’m rooting for you! 🙂

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