Seven Uses for Your Harry Potter Books

Seven Uses for HPHarry Potter has shaped a generation, and whether you were there for every midnight release party at bookstores, or you joined after Deathly Hallows Part II premiered in the theater, we probably can all* agree on one thing: just reading the books isn’t enough. BUT WHAT ELSE DO WE DO WITH OUR PRECIOUS BOOKS? Have no fear! Below I list seven further uses for your beloved series.

* “All” referring to those who regret the fact that they were born a muggle and are still convinced Errol was in charge of their Hogwarts acceptance letter

1) Shelf Porn

photo 1-2

I mean, look at that. One entire shelf dedicated to Harry Potter.

2) Keep Your Mind Sharp

photo 1I’ve had The Philosopher’s Stone for what… seven, eight years now? And I still can’t figure out this riddle on my own. I cheated on Pottermore.

3) If You Need an Excuse to Get Out of a Social Event

photo 2-2“Oh I can’t come over, I have to study zoology.” “No, sorry, I have to study the minute details of this obscure sport from another country for a report. You probably haven’t heard of it.” See? Socializing avoided.

4) When You Need a Good Cry

photo 2photo 3

In the 10+ times I’ve read The Deathly Hallows, I have yet to have a dry eye at the end of it. If I’m having a bad day – BOOM! – there’s your tears.

5) When You Have Kids

photo 3-2Cinderella is so last year. MY children will be raised on Babbity Rabbity and The Fountain of Fair Fortune.

6) Someone Breaking Into Your House?

photo 4-2Boom. Weapon.

7) When You Just Need a Friend

photo 4

No matter how many times I break their spines, my books always take me back for another reread.

What about you? What other uses have YOU found for your HP books?


24 thoughts on “Seven Uses for Your Harry Potter Books

  1. Here’s my sob story: my sister sold the entire set. I started reading the series at the age of 7 and the set belonged to my sister. So after I read Goblet of Fire, she took the set with her when she got married and a year later, sold them. I had all the right to cry!!
    But I plan to buy Tales of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts as soon as I can! :p
    As for these uses,
    1. *_*
    2. Higher IQ FTW!
    3. It’s not even a lie! 😀
    4. I cried at that too!
    5. I read half of the book from the library! 😮
    6. I remember using them as weapons against my brother mwahahaha
    7. ALWAYS! They were my only friends through middle school!

    I love this post! *_* You so clever! ^_^

  2. HAHAHAHA NUMBER THREE. I will use that at some point. Not even kidding.
    lol number 6- although I have a slightly heavier book which I could also use (Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance. TIS HUGE)

    Oh man number seven. You know, I was looking at my bookshelf the other day, and while most of the books look like they’re pretty new, my HP books look COMPLETELY damaged. Maybe because I was younger when I got them, but some of the spines are kinda falling apart, and half the dust jackets are god knows where and some of them awkwardly have ripped pages D: Gives them character? lol.

    • Go forth and be anti-social!

      I saw your picture! That’s probably more daunting than Game of Thrones O_O

      I opened up HP7 a few days ago and mine was completely falling apart D: I have the new paperbacks now, but my old ones will still be the ones for me.

  3. I actually want to sell my set off, because it’s so old and broken and cracked, because I bought them before I knew how to take care of books. But I also don’t want to, because the first book, as brown as it is,always brings back memories. It’s MEMORIES. But once there’s an illustrated version that comes out, I’m buying it!

  4. Number six made me choke on my soda. Thank you so much 😛

    I really do need to get to reading Harry Potter. It’s as if my life won’t really be complete if I don’t read the series. I WANT MY LIFE TO BE COMPLETE!

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  6. Is that your shelf? I adore the ones where the spines make up the castle!
    I’ve lent mine out and now they’re all very.. loved. The spine fell off #5 and I think #2 is still being borrowed by a friend after 5 years.
    I love these books. I love getting to make people read them. IT reminds me of an episode of Parks and Recreation!

  7. Hahahaha I love the weapon one. Another great post idea! You’re on a roll, Kayla 🙂 You’ve read Deathly Hallows over TEN TIMES?? Wow. I’ve only read the series once, although I think I some point I’ve probably reread the first and third ones at least once, but I’m dying to do a re-read sometime soon. Probably in 2015. Last summer I bought the new illustrated box set and I can’t wait to try them out. Although a small part of me kinda just wants to get them from the library and keep my new versions absolutely pristine…is that insane? 😛

    • Thanks Miranda! To be honest I wanted to write about the weapon thing anyway but I figured it’d be too short so I made a post around it 😉

      I want to do a reread as well! Hopefully sometime this year for me!

      And no that’s not insane at all 😉

  8. I love this post! #7 speaks to me especially. I’ve read the Prisoner of Azkaban so many times; not only is the spine broke, but some of the pages spill out onto my lap if I’m not careful enough while reading. I should probably buy a new one even though I have no intention of throwing away my old one. It’s kind of like a favored stuffed animal from one’s childhood…

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