Let’s Make a Playlist For… (1)

Let's Make a Playlist For

Every week, I’ll choose a topic, book, character, or feeling that I want to create a playlist for. Sometimes I may have tracks to get us started, and then I want you to suggest some more! At the end of each week, I’ll compile the playlist onto 8tracks, and share it so we can all enjoy the combined efforts. 

Here’s how this is going to work:

  1. I’ll state a book, theme, character, emotion, or moment that I want to capture with music
  2. I’ll give a sample track to illustrate what I’m talking about, or where I want to start
  3. For the five days after, I’ll take suggestions through twitter, email, or by comment on the post
  4. On Thursday, I’ll create the playlist with my favorite tracks from what was suggested
  5. Each Friday I’ll share our results
  6. Wash, rinse, and repeat!

And what’s the purpose of this? Well, I’m always looking for some new music, first of all. And second, I’m a firm believer in the fact that the perfect playlist can make reading a book a transcendent experience.

Make sense? I hope so! Let’s begin! This first topic is…

Noah and Echo from Pushing the Limits

My first track is The Weight of Living Pt. 1 by Bastille, to really capture Noah and Echo’s struggle to move forward from their pasts.

There’s an albatross around your neck
All the things you’ve said
and the things you’ve done
Can you carry it with no regrets
Can you stand the person you’ve become?

My second is for their relationship together (oh the feels!)

I will go down as your lover, your friend
Give me your lips and with one kiss we begin
Are you afraid of being alone?
‘Cause I am, I’m lost without you

Take it away! And if you so choose, I’d love it if you could share this link so we can create an amazing playlist!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Playlist For… (1)

  1. Ah yes! This is awesome! I love how you involved your readers, too!
    I will be franticly searching searching for a song to suggest! I really loved Echo and Noah’s relationship. :3

  2. Great idea for a weekly feature:) And great choices, both for the first book and the songs.
    My suggestion would be When Will I Learn by Low Level Flight for all the one step forward, two steps back that goes on while they’re both trying to heal.

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  4. I LOVE this idea!! What a cool feature. I need some time to think about this… Your two picks are really good, though. I totally get what you’re trying to do and I think they really go with Echo and Noah’s relationship.

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