The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week Two

The Writing Life NaNo1
Welcome to my weekly feature, wherein I discuss writing style of authors, elements of books that are particularly interesting to me, and at times my own writing escapades as I venture into the writing process of my fourth novel. And, as a researching and always-learning aspiring author, I want to hear your opinions on these bits and pieces that make up our beloved paperbacks.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Week One

For the next four weeks, I’ll be recapping my escapades as I attempt to write 10K words in the month of April. I know it’s a small goal, compared to the usual 50K, but it’s what I can do. And I’ve been keeping up the pace, so I’m quite proud of myself!

Right now my word count is: 5648. I wrote TWO chapters this week! The wonders spring break can do 😀 That puts me more than halfway to my word goal – maybe I’ll be able to make it to 20K?? Who knows!

There’s actually two parts I want to share this week: one is a tiny paragraph, and another is a scene.

Here’s the paragraph (I just loved how it turned out!):

This time its a quiet hollow, not something that’s been gutted out, but an opening waiting to be filled with something. The something that’s supposed to be more than I can touch or feel, that intangible it that you can only skim with fingertips when you’re staring at the stars on a clear night around a campfire.

And here’s the scene (I’m emotionally exhausted after chapter 8 O_O):

We bury her on a bright winter day. The ceremony is short. Full of tears. Old classmates wishing for second chances when they hadn’t even given her a first.
They wanted me to speak, but I can’t. I couldn’t even dress myself that morning; my dad had to force me into tights and a dress and a coat as if I were five years old again and not nineteen.
But I see her, in the box. It’s mahogany – she would have laughed at that. Everything related to a book in some way for her.
She looks the same – almost. There’s a dent in her right temple, and I nearly double over and vomit up the half piece of toast I had shoved down my throat this morning.
Then the cemetery. We gather around the casket, say a few final words. Some prayers. A pitiful plea to a god who isn’t listening anyway.
And then they disappear. The crowd has spent their allotted time in mourning: they can return home to their whole families. Maybe kiss their daughter an extra time before bed, drive their son to school instead of forcing him on the bus, all as penance for the simple sin of being alive when someone else wasn’t. But that’ll pass soon enough. Not many will linger in grief when it isn’t their burden to carry.
But we stay there. Me, my dad, and the Plaths. We watch them lower her into the carved out ground, a hollow mouth waiting to swallow her whole. Cover her up with dirt and new grass. It doesn’t blend in with the rest. Then again, she never blended in. Unique even in death.
And then it’s done. It’ll take weeks, if not months, to get a headstone, but I’ve prepared something else. I hand it to the man handling her grave, and he kneels at her head and places it solidly into the earth. A wooden cross, her name crudely carved into the arms.
I walk up to her – I guess a plot of soil is ‘her’ now – and bend down to place a sunflower at her head. A crown of summer made for a girl dead in winter.
“I’ll be seeing you,” I sing softly. “In all the old familiar places.” My lip starts to tremble, but I bite it and continue. “In every lovely summer’s day.” A cry escapes my chest, and I bow my head, too tired to fight it. Though my tears, I finish:
“I’ll always remember you that way.”

Why is it my favorite? Well, the paragraph is just pretty. I’m very proud of it! And the excerpt is a pivotal point for my main character, and I think it turned out fairly well. Thoughts? Comments? I love feedback!

And since this is my blog, and shameless self promotion is an advantage I’m willing to take, you can click THIS LINK (like the all caps? Shameless) to go to my wattpad account and read the prologue and first two chapters of my WIP, Take Me to the Sea!

What about you? How is your NaNo experience going so far? What’s your favorite line/scene that you’ve written? 


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