The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week Three

NaNo Week 3Welcome to my weekly feature, wherein I discuss writing style of authors, elements of books that are particularly interesting to me, and at times my own writing escapades as I venture into the writing process of my fourth novel. And, as a researching and always-learning aspiring author, I want to hear your opinions on these bits and pieces that make up our beloved paperbacks.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Week Two

For the next four weeks, I’ll be recapping my escapades as I attempt to write 10K words in the month of April. I know it’s a small goal, compared to the usual 50K, but it’s what I can do. And I’ve been keeping up the pace, so I’m quite proud of myself!

Right now my word count is: 8585. I wrote one chapter, but it was actually pretty big! And it was a pivotal one for me as a writer, since I was introducing a new character that’s the catalyst for the entire plot. She’s so dimensional in my head that I wanted to make sure I did her justice in my writing!

Here’s my favorite bit from this week:

“What about you?” I ask in return. “What’s your resolution?”
Elva hauls herself to a sitting position with a heavy sigh. That’s never a good sign — Elva doesn’t sigh unless something’s really bothering her. Usually it’s me or Hunter. This time, I think it’s directed at herself. And that scares me. Elva is the secure one. The pillar when I am crumbling down and can’t find the shards of my identity.
“Elva?” I ask again, sitting up to join her and staring at her profile. It’s drawn and pinched and so un-Elva that I reach out a hand and place it on her shoulder. She sighs again, deeply, like she’s trying to fill the bottom of her lungs with air so she can breathe again.
“Someday…” Her voice is withdrawn; she’s pulling at the strings in her vocal chords and forcing them to say the words her tongue is trying to deny. “I hope to be brave enough to be myself.”
“What does that mean?” Elva is the most individualistic person I know. She says what she thinks, wears what she wants to wear, and doesn’t live by anyone’s rules.
“Every day, I put on a costume, because it’s what people expect. Crazy Elva, ESP. I’ve been fulfilling their need for a pariah, the weird girl in the spotlight they all wish they had the balls to be.”
“But…isn’t that what you wanted to be?” I’ve never seen Elva this vulnerable, this angry at herself.
“At first, maybe,” she laughs humorlessly. “But then it wasn’t my choice — it was an expectation. I love dressing up, I really do! But when it takes two freaking hours to put together an outfit and my makeup every morning, it gets old. I wish I had the guts to just put on a shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes and just walk out of the house for once.
“So…yeah. I want to be brave enough to not hide behind a costume.”
“Then start today,” I say firmly, surprising myself with my conviction. “Take out the piercings, the feathers, and the heels. Buy a pair of flats, wear a shirt without sequins, and skip the blue eyeliner. Simple as that.”
“But people are going to stare. Or, worse, they won’t notice me at all,” her voice takes on that desperate tone of a child afraid their parent will leave them for hours.
“Then that would be like enjoying an actress for the role they play, and not the overall work they do.” I’m staring at the sky when I say this, but I tilt my head back down and glance over at her. She’s looking back with an expression I can’t even begin to capture with words, but it’s the same look she gave Hunter when he bought a dozen sunflowers for her high school graduation party when every other girl was getting roses.

Why is it my favorite? Well, Elva is the character that is supposed to be the one that has it all together, wears weird clothes, and stands out. But I really wanted to make her human, and not a MPDG, so I gave her some depth in this scene.  Thoughts? Comments? I love feedback!

And since this is my blog, and shameless self promotion is an advantage I’m willing to take, you can click THIS LINK (like the all caps? Shameless) to go to my wattpad account and read the prologue and first three chapters of my WIP, Take Me to the Sea!

What about you? How is your NaNo experience going so far? What’s your favorite line/scene that you’ve written? 

7 thoughts on “The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week Three

  1. I have always wanted to complete something for NaNo, but I’ve realized that the huge goal can take away my time for everything else, so I just write whenever. 🙂 I do really like the scene! I’m already thinking Hunter and Elva are cute together, lol! I mean, sunflowers? That’s adorable. I’ll follow you on Wattpad once I don’t get too lazy and finally open my account, lol!

    • That’s why I really enjoy Camp – you can adjust your own word count to what you need. Mine is only 10K this month, but at least it’s something. And it gives me some motivation to actually sit down and write!

      They’re actually twins xD And this scene is a flashback, a memory. The real timeline is quite… sad. Oops 😛

  2. I think this is a great scene! If you’re wanting Elva to stand out, it definitely worked, because I’m sort of wondering why I should care who the narrator is – I want to hear more about Elva! Congrats on hitting your goals with Camp NaNo! I managed to win NaNo last November, so I thought my 25,000 word goal this month would be cake in comparison, but life completely got in the way. I’m glad they have another one in July!

    • Thank you so much! Elva is actually a huge character and a major influence in the story, so I’m glad to hear that she stands out 🙂

      Life got in the way for my last three NaNo attempts – this is the first I’ve actually stuck to! I hope you can make it in July though, even if it’s a 10K goal 😀

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