Top Ten Characters Who Influence Me

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Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten Characters Who X (you fill in the blank — examples: piss me off, are the popular kids, are bookish, would be my bff, that stole my heart, etc. etc.). I’ve chosen “Top Ten Characters Who Influence Me.” A lot of my role models actually come from literature – whether it’s their morals or personality, or anything else. I would probably not be able to handle a lot of the stuff going on in my life if I hadn’t read so many books and learned so much from these characters!

Note: some of these characters I don’t admire totally, but there are certain aspects that I love and try to embody in my life. So if there’s a character that’s like, “wait, HER/HIM??”, then that’s why.

1. Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games. I know he’s always on my lists… but he’s just so good. He sees the brighter side of things, finds the good in incorrigible people, and always perseveres.

2. June Iparis from The Legend Series (mainly Champion). Because she’s both intelligent and a fantastic soldier – brains and brawn. Not to mention that she’s a strong female role model, and forces people to take her seriously despite her gender and age. 

3. Juliette Ferrars from The Shatter Me trilogy (99% Ignite Me). Because she FINALLY discovers who she is, and doesn’t bend for the sake of others. She doesn’t choose her final match because of convenience, she chooses him because it’s her choice, and no one else’s.

4. Cath from Fangirl. It’s very, very, very scary how similar I am to Cath. Just ask Veronica (who happens to be my personal Reagan) – she’ll back me up all the way! Cath’s journey to recovery from her anxiety was perhaps the most inspiring thing I’ve ever read, and it really struck a chord with me personally. Also, she helped me realize that I was dating an Abel.

5. Tris from The Divergent trilogy (mainly Allegiant). The entire series, really, completely changed my perspective on courage and bravery and selflessness. Honestly, I’d like to reread Allegiant soon, if I can handle the feels.

Not Tris, but I just love Shailene ❤

6. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. I’ve saved the best for last! Hermione has been a huge part of my life, for even longer than I originally counted (apparently I’ve been reading HP since I was about 7, not 10 or 11 like I had thought!). She’s shamelessly intelligent, and won’t apologize about enjoying school or reading, and yet at the same time she freaking helped save the entire wizarding world! So “nerd” became something that was okay, and not something to be ashamed of.

Books that have influenced me

Because there’s whole books that have either changed me, or just stuck with me for whatever reason (sometimes not even profoundly – they’re just special!)

7. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. This is one of those special books. I can’t really pinpoint why, but it squirreled into my heart and settled there as one of my favorite books. Maybe because Amy has to deal with loss of her dad, and I can really relate to that.

8. Me Since You by Laura Wiess. Another book that deals with losing your dad. I’m starting to see a pattern here… Anyway, this book took my heart and ripped it all open, forced me to face all the issues I had buried away, and then stitched me back together to be more whole than ever before. (I still want a physical copy… I can’t find it at Barnes and Noble D: )

9. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. This was the only book I read for pleasure while I was in college, and I think I read it about five times in those two years. I connected with Ender so well, and the writing style and complexity was something I’d never seen before. It really changed how I look at my own writing!

10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling. Really, there are no words for how much this series, and this book in particular, has influenced my life. SO. SPECIAL.

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters Who Influence Me

  1. I totally have to agree with Peeta and Herminone. Peeta is adorable in his goodness and unflappable positiveness. For me, Hermione was my childhood book bestie. I just adore and admire her.

    Me Since You was a really powerful book and it’s moving how much you feel for it! I definitely loved it, but I personally couldn’t relate to the major themes – death, suicide, depression. I’ve never experienced any of it. Maybe I can look back on it one day with a new appreciation for it.

    • Unflappable – I love that word. I’ll have to remember to use it!

      Sadly, I could easily connect to all the issues in Me Since You. But it really helped me deal with them, and it came at the perfect time in my life 🙂 I just pray that you never reach a point where you do experience that!

  2. I love your list this week Kayla. It’s very thoughtful. I have Juliette and Hermione on my list too, for thinking for themselves and especially Juliette learning her own mind.

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