The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week Four

NaNo Week 3Welcome to my weekly feature, wherein I discuss writing style of authors, elements of books that are particularly interesting to me, and at times my own writing escapades as I venture into the writing process of my fourth novel. And, as a researching and always-learning aspiring author, I want to hear your opinions on these bits and pieces that make up our beloved paperbacks.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Week Four

For the next four weeks, I’ll be recapping my escapades as I attempt to write 10K words in the month of April. I know it’s a small goal, compared to the usual 50K, but it’s what I can do. And I’ve been keeping up the pace, so I’m quite proud of myself!

Right now my word count is: 12099. Yeah, that’s right – I WON! I’m all verified and everything! I can’t believe I actually stuck to the goal, and wrote more than I needed to! I sprinted through 3K yesterday, and I feel so great – I almost want to write more! (though I can’t, because life).

Here’s my favorite bit from this week: (this is when they scatter her ashes)

“Do you want to do it?” I murmur. Hunter shakes his head, and unscrews the cup. Keeping a steady grasp on my hand, he leads our fists over the edge.
We’re going to do this together.
Somehow that gives me the courage to step closer, to hold on to her as long as I can before we set her free.
One breath.
Two breaths.
Five breaths.
And then we tilt. It feels more that we stand in place and the world spins around us. But then the dust is falling from our hands and the wind is catching it and she is swirling away into the sky and stars and clouds and sailing over the Canyon and flying with the birds and traveling to a place I will never know.
It’s just a pinch of it, we have to save the rest. But it feels as though it was so much more than that. Three seconds feels like three hours, and my heart is pounding like I’ve run a marathon. Before my hand trembles and I drop the rest, I give Hunter the cap and he screws it on and tucks it back into my bag.
We stand there, waiting. Waiting for some sign that she’s still there, and she saw us, and she is so so proud of us and she’s waiting in the after with a smile on her face and open arms until we join her. Waiting to hear her voice in our ears whispering thank you.
But nothing happens. The earth doesn’t rumble. The stars don’t fall from the sky. The sun doesn’t implode into a black star. I am not a new person, and neither is Hunter. We are the same, just us. We are still broken and lost and hoping for something we can’t even put into words. A weight isn’t lifted from my shoulders; I feel heavier.
But this heaviness is different, in some way. It’s not the hollow weight of nothingness. I’m weighted down by a mass almost too large to fit in my chest. Layers upon layers of filth and dust wrapped around an inside I know nothing about. It’s a burning, unyielding weight, curling into every corner of my heart and thrumming with life, waiting to be pressurized or shattered or chipped away until it’s revealed fully.
Is this what they call hope? If it is, this isn’t the feathery thing poets always talk about. This is hard work.
Hunter wipes at his eyes, not even trying to hide it from me. We stay there for another few moments, until the very last particles of dust are gone from sight forever.

Why is it my favorite? Because originally I had planned on making it this big moment – the sudden change where the main character has a huge sense of relief and healing and can move on from her best friend’s death. But then I decided to challenge that idea, and be a bit more realistic. I think it turned out pretty well, what do you think?

And since this is my blog, and shameless self promotion is an advantage I’m willing to take, you can click THIS LINK (like the all caps? Shameless) to go to my wattpad account and read the prologue and first three chapters of my WIP, Take Me to the Sea!

What about you? How is your NaNo experience going so far? What’s your favorite line/scene that you’ve written? 

2 thoughts on “The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week Four

  1. Congrats! 12k words in a month is an amazing feat I can’t even comprehend! Plus I love that section you shared. It’s so realistic. I can pretty much guarantee that if I read what came before that I’d be crying. Like dropped baby crying. I’m definitely going to give your first three chapters a read.

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