Do You Preorder Books?

PreorderI’ve noticed this lately with all of the posts listing books coming out later in the year. Most people have dozens of books preordered – to arrive the exact day when it’s released. And here’s another odd thing: I have never, nor will ever, preorder a book.

*collected gasp of shock*

I know, I know. But I have a good reason! And I will say that I’m considering preordering Ruin and Rising, because I want that poster. *grabby hands* But that’s really the only one I’ll go with. I guess I actually have two reasons.

One: I don’t know if I’ll have the money when the time actually comes to pay for the book. My financial situation is month to month, so I hate making commitments like that. I know I can cancel them if I need to, but with everything I have to keep straight in my head, I just know that I’ll forget!

Two: My book buying choices will vary up and to the point where I’m actually handing over cash at the Barnes and Noble counter. Two months ago, I had planned on buying all fantasy books this month, like City of Heavenly Fire. Now, I’m getting Since You’ve Been Gone and Take Me On, plus another contemporary that may slip into my hands (whoops). So the chances of me preordering something and then actually being in the mood to read it is usually about 5%, and then I have all these books I’m not in the mood for.

So, yup. That’s my excuse. Now to you: is there a legit reason IΒ shouldΒ preorder books? Am I missing out on some special club or something??



38 thoughts on “Do You Preorder Books?

  1. I barely pre-order books. Mostly because online buying isn’t common here anyway. Shipping is expensive. πŸ˜› And I think I’m a lot like you. I don’t think I can keep my head straight enough to remember that I pre-ordered a book and that I would have to pay for it on the release date. I have pre-ordered ebooks and forgotten about them and Amazon would send me an email about it and I won’t even have the money in my card to pay for them. Lol. Although there are some books that I highly anticipate so I tell my local bookstore to reserve a copy for me when it arrives in my country. Those come unexpected too, but at least I can choose to not pick them up when I don’t have the money. I don’t really buy books depending on my mood though. I would buy something if I want to read it. Then it sits in my TBR list for a long while. Haha

    • Oh I hadn’t considered that! I pulled an American… again πŸ˜› I’m guilty of the “rushing out to buy it but then never reading it till four months later” thing. All. The. Time. I actually went over-budget to buy Allegiant back in October, then didn’t read it till March!

  2. I don’t think there is a reason you SHOULD order books unless it’s a debut (to support the author) or a continuing series (to support the series). But it’s not a SHOULD, but more likely a nice thing to do.
    I’ve only ever pre-ordered three books and I still haven’t read two of them. The other was Siege and Storm because WOW I needed that book in my life ASAP.
    I am a pretty patient person so I really don”t mind waiting until the time comes to buy a borrow a book when I feel like it – if that makes sense. For example, I considered pre-ordering Cress but I still haven’t read it, so there would have been no point.
    And besides, living in Australia if I pre-order from TBD or something, it arrives after the book is released in our shops here HAHA I am looking at YOU World After =.= (which I still haven’t read WELP).
    Also, you better pre-order MY BOOK, WIFEY <3, and I will of course pre-order yours. ❀

    • That’s a good point – helping a debut author in any way sounds good to me!


      And OF COURSE I’ll preorder your book!!!!

  3. I’ve never preordered a book either! Mostly because the only bookstore in my town is a Water stones and they only really take preorders on the big adult releases, like JK Rowling’s crime novels. Plus I don’t have a credit card so I won’t do online preordering. I don’t always get around to reading books at the time of their release either so I don’t see the point. The only two books I considered it for were Dreams of Gods and Monsters and Ruin and Rising, both of which were endings to my two favourite series so I know I’ll make time to read them at release.

    • I almost preordered DoGaM, but then I knew I was going to a festival so I waited and bought the book there. But Ruin and Rising will most likely be my first preorder in a while as well πŸ˜€

  4. I do pre-order books, but only if I’m especially excited about them. But then I find myself wondering why I bother as I don’t read them straight away. Aside from Cress!

  5. I only pre-order if there’s a campaign and I want shiny swag. To be honest, I mostly regret my pre-orders and wind up re-selling them or giving them away. I have been buying too many books in general. After May ends I am probably on a book buying ban until . . .forever? lol

    • Swag is definitely a bonus to preordering, but I don’t read many books that seem to offer that D: Ahhh but May is going to be so fun! But I guess you’ll have all those ARCs so you won’t need to buy any for a while πŸ˜€

      • That’s my hope. Also I need to be on a better budget and manage my space. Taking a bag of books out to resell as I type this!

  6. I preorder books fairly often, but I only started doing it recently. I before I started blogging, I just wasn’t organized enough in my reading to preorder books and I also never used to order them online β€” I mostly stuck to used bookstores and stuff. I’m not even sure that I realized you COULD preorder books until I started book blogging.

    But now that I’m all organized with my reading schedule and stuff, usually when I preorder a book I’ll stick it in my reading schedule for the month that it comes out. That way I can make sure I read it right when I’m supposed to. I also like that preordering books supports authors! I recently read this article that went into detail about how much preordering actually helps them vs. ordering/buying them regularly. It was interesting and definitely made me more interested in preordering. Plus, a lot of the time they’re cheaper in advance (and Amazon does that whole “if you preorder and the price goes down before the release date, we’ll give it to you at the lowest price” thing)!

    • I’m STILL disorganized with my releases! I only keep up with about two a month, then I find out that a million other came out that I had been wanting as well.

      I didn’t know about the whole preordering thing; I guess I’m a bit more open to doing that now. And I do like the Amazon thing with the price change. Do you know if you can cancel the order if you decide you’ve changed your mind?

  7. I hardly ever pre-order books either. I guess the best reason to do it is so you can support the authors, but I usually wonder if something will happen between the pre-order and actual release – like I go to a book signing and discover the venue wants only books purchased there to be signed, or I find I need a book the actual day it comes out, and can’t wait for the mail. Maybe the biggest reason is I’m just not motivated to go and order a book that won’t come out for a few months! πŸ™‚

    It is nice when an author or publisher offers a pre-order incentive though – that makes me feel like I belong to a special club! πŸ™‚

    • That’s always a fear of mine as well! I almost thought the Mrs. Nelson’s booth at the LA festival had that policy with the Maas and Meyer signing!

      That club feeling is very nice, I’ll admit – like the R&R poster!

  8. I pre-ordered the Harry Potter books when they were coming out, to make sure I got them on release date. I don’t think I’ve pre-ordered any others, and now I usually buy ebooks so I can just buy on release day or whenever and have it immediately. I’m not really interested in the swag some authors send out for pre-orders. It’s just more junk to clutter up my house.

    • I have issues with ebooks, otherwise I would be the same way so I could download the new book immediately. And I’m a junk fiend, so swag is my best friend πŸ˜€

  9. I only pre-order books that I’m ridiculously excited for, like Ruin and Rising. πŸ˜€ I also did it with the Harry Potter series, since I wanted to read them straight away and didn’t trust that there would be any copies available by the time I made it to the bookstore.

    • That’s one of my biggest fears when a popular book (any book, really) is released. I get all nervous when I walk into the store, just praying that my copy is there waiting for me πŸ˜€

  10. This is the Philippines! I don’t think we can even pre-order books, and I don’t want to bother. I would if there was a freebie for something I have a series of, which I loved. I’m just such a borrower these days I can’t even care if there’s this book I’m waiting for that’s out already. I’ll just buy it when I randomly pass by a bookstore. *shrug*

    • I hadn’t thought of that, hmmm. I hate borrowing books; if I fall in love then I have to go buy my own copy, and then read it again so I make sure I break it in properly πŸ˜€

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  12. While I haven’t preordered books before, I have rushed out to get a book the day it comes out. On more than one occasion this has resulted in me driving all around town to find a book store that has my prize.

  13. I never really used to pre-order books (unless there was some sort of perk involved like a free book or a poster or sth), but starting from this year, I’ve started pre-ordering some of the books that I know I’m DEFINITELY going to buy that aren’t released on the same day in Aussie or where there isn’t some sort of other factor like crappy covers involved.

    For example, I pre-ordered Ignite Me (at the start of this year) because I wanted the US cover. But, I haven’t pre-ordered City of Heavenly Fire, even though it’s cheaper to pre-order online, because I want to go buy and read it on the day it comes out, and I’m fine with the Aussie cover. Same with Silver Shadows and Blood of Olympus.

    • I can definitely understand the Ignite Me cover; I’m totally biased towards the US version. I’m bouncing back and forth on City of Heavenly Fire just because I still haven’t read books 4 and 5, and I don’t know when I’ll get to them. So I don’t want to buy it but then not read it for six months!

  14. I have preordered a couple of books in the past but I’ve not made it a habit. My bookshelf has so many unread books, adding to it seems counterproductive. for now I’m trying to get started on reading those books first. If I manage to read a sizeable number of books I own and learn to restrain myself at the library, then I might preorder more often. I figured that if I’m not going to read a book the moment it’s in my mailbox, then I should only buy books when I have the budget. And as with Chiara, preordered books usually arrive after publication dates, so I’ve a better chance of “instant gratification” if I visit local bookstores or buy ebook versions, which I only do if I want to read a book immediately (hasn’t happened yet) or if it’s on discount (hello Kindle Daily Deals!).

    • Ahhh the eternal struggle of the bibliophile. My mom finally walked into my room and said, “You can’t buy any more books till you read half of these!” Of course, I buy more anyway πŸ˜›

  15. I just pre-ordered City of Heavenly Fire. Why? Because here in Canada the book is a whopping $30+taxes. So it’s really expensive for a YA book! Pre-ordering it brought the price down to around $15, so much easier for me to handle. I kind of make books I pre-order a priority when it comes to reading. I went out of my way to buy them early right? So I start them as soon as I finish whatever book I’m on when they come in (because I very rarely get them delivered on release day).

    • Yeesh! I can totally support that preorder; I almost did the same for that book, since buying it in store will be $25 but online it was $14.

      That definitely takes some discipline; I’ve got the horrible habit of letting them all sit until I feel good and ready πŸ˜›

      • Yes, only for pre-orders though. I have trouble with other books I buy online and getting them read.. I have over 100 unread books right now 😦 I recently decided to limit my buying and am going to try buying only one book for every five I read off my shelf. πŸ˜›

      • That’s actually a really great idea! Although then on those weeks where I read 5 in one week… Not so fantastic πŸ˜€ But if I read 2-3 books a week… That could actually work!

      • I hope it will work for I have a bad habit lately of reading my ebooks and no physical books. It’s just so much easier to read an ereader that glows in a dark room while I’m putting the baby to

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  17. I have preordered 2 books this year – both of the Stephen King books. I have to have them on release day! That’s the only reason. Last year I preordered a Cecelia Ahern book which was published in the UK so that it would be delivered to my mom in time for her to bring it to me in the US when she visited (that book still doesn not have a US pub date so very glad I did that). The only other books I preordered were the last 2 Harry Potter books. I got into the series late but still in time for the publication buzz of the last two books. Preordering was the only way to guarantee a copy on pub date, so that’s what I did.

    • Oh well that’s a perfect reason to preorder then! Different versions are always important πŸ™‚

      And I totally understand the HP thing – I was too young to participate in the buzz and midnight release parties, but I would have done the same thing if I were reading them now

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