Popular Search Engine Terms for the Blog

I’m sure you’ve all had them: the weird, the normal, the WTF, the “why are you searching for that??”, the “student who wants you to write their Gatsby paper”. The search terms. Oh the glory – oh the fun. I’m procrastinating on my other work right now, so let’s take a journey down my list of search terms that wordpress has compiled for me.

#1: Logan Lerman Smut

I’m sure I’m not helping by putting it into a post, but A) you won’t find that here, and B) wouldn’t it be more helpful to actually go on a website dedicated to that stuff instead of googling it? Just a thought.

#2: Banging head against wall gif/hitting head against wall gif

Now this, you will find. Welcome, my friend.

#3: mortal instruaments city of bones how many books are there?

Also, spellcheck

4: what is a good pun for the great gatsby movie?

*clears throat* Ahem: Leonardo DiCaprio is a great Gatsby. You’re welcome.

5: mispronouncing lingerie

I did tell that story once, didn’t I? Welp, apparently it’s lawn-ger-ay, not ling-er-y. Go forth and don’t make the same mistake I did.

6: enter at your own risk supernatural

Where was that warning sign when I clicked play on S1E1 on Netflix? WHERE WAS MY SAVIOR

7: teen wolf gay character

All of them. They’re gay. You’re gay. You cannot escape the gay.

8: what i admire not who i admire

Well that’s surprisingly deep. Excuse me while I have an existential crisis over here.

9: books to save from a fire

10: is there a book report on the titan’s curse?

But seriously, if you have questions about anything, I’m all over the whole discussion thing. I just won’t write the sucker

11: my teenager got a pixie cut

CONGRATULATIONS!!! She has just done what is arguably the most liberating thing in the entire world. And I bet she looks damn fine on top of that

12: should i put gay characters in my story?

Do gay people exist?

13: i read paperbacks so hardbacks don’t hit me in the face

Someone’s been reading on their back again. Or, your hardbacks are sentient, and in that case can I please have your address so I can visit them?

14: who killed travis in breathless by lurlene mcdaniel

When you know can you please hand over the tire iron and point me in the right direction?

15: kayla chiara sanchez


Well THAT was fun! I made myself laugh, so either I’m officially insane or I’m more hilarious than I thought. EITHER WAY: enjoy!


29 thoughts on “Popular Search Engine Terms for the Blog

  1. LOL I haven’t looked at mine in a while but they’re as always good for a giggle! My favourite from your list has to be the paperback vs hardback one, because I know all about that! And the mental images it brings up are hilarious!

  2. So funny! Mine aren’t nearly as hilarious as Logan Lerman smut xD But I do get a lot of those free “Write my ___” paper book reports or when they are trying to find free books (?!) or something.

  3. HAHAHAHA this is the greatest.
    Number 13 my god. Them hardbacks are dangerous- you have to tie a belt around them to make sure they behave, and stroke the spines to read them 😉

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    • Glad you enjoyed it! And as I say to everyone: get the cut if you really want it! It’s just hair; it’ll grow back 😀 And with it being so hot in summer… oh it’s so nice ^_^

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