So When Does School End?

I’ve made it no secret that the entire month of May is basically a nightmare for me; I’m actually surprised I’ve been able to keep up with my posts this long! So to keep myself as relaxed and stress-free as possible (ha!), I’ve been revisiting a lot of movies and books. Because it’s like a long-term relationship – there’s no unnecessary awkwardness. I can just walk in, in my pjs (or no pants – because it’s 110 degrees here in California and I’M DYING OVER HERE)

and my books are there for me with no judgement or get-to-know-yous.

So anyway, to get to the point of this post, the whole reason I’m drafting this in the first place, is to make fun of Spider-Man 2. Because I’ve loved re-watching all my old shows (HELLO SUPERNATURAL RERUNS), and it’s been fantastic reading the Pushing the Limits series all over in preparation for Take Me On, but then I got to Spider-Man 2. I recorded it on FX while they were having their superhero weekend, and was all excited because I haven’t seen those movies in years!

But WHAT THE HELL IS ON MY TELEVISION??? I’m cringing from second-hand embarrassment over here. And yet I can’t look away! Because that glowing thing with the solar flares was pretty cool, I’ll admit. But jeeessseeeee the ACTING and I knew there was a reason I disliked Toby McGuire. He’s fine as Nick Carraway, since that dude’s a stick in the mud anyway, but I’m definitely sticking with Andrew Garfield from now one (because the HAIR).

And someone was feeding the camera men crack because who in their right mind zooms into someone’s mouth while they’re screaming as they’re about to be impaled?? Honestly, I really need to know. Because the last thing I needed to was to look at a bunch of uvulas when I’m trying to zone out and ignore life.

So this post has really derailed now… and now you can see the “school needs to be over” version of Kayla. ONE. MORE. WEEK.

How are you all doing with the end of the school year? Teachers and students alike: I salute you all, and send baskets of chocolate, tissues, and Barnes and Noble gift cards for the retail therapy we’ll all need when this is over.

13 thoughts on “So When Does School End?

  1. Tobey Macguire is so subpar compared to Andrew Garfield! He makes so many ugly faces. Also Kirsten Dunst? Such terrible acting :/
    Have you seen the honest trailer for the Spiderman trilogy? It’s so hilarious!

    I’m actually in the middle of the school (well, uni) year here in Aussie! Got a loooong way to go until the end of the year- since our summer break starts November.

  2. I never liked the original movies because there was always something off. It wasn’t that great. But The Amazing Spiderman has my praise. I hate that Emma Stone’s not going to be his partner for life. Move out Shailene Woodley Stonefield forever. But yeah, hang in there!

  3. Andrew Garfield is all that matters, gurl. 😉

    Seriously, though! In my group of friends, I’m the only one who prefers the new Spider-Man series, the one with Garfield in it. I can’t understand their obsession with Tobey McGuire because that guy really isn’t a very good Spidey! And I didn’t like Kirsten Dunst as Mary-Jane either — Emma Stone is definitely a much better love interest, though she plays a different character. I haven’t watched the new Spider-Man movie yet, but so far it hasn’t been getting that many good reviews, so I’m starting to get a little iffy! Have you watched it yet?

    Haha, my finals are over in one week, too. WHEW. Can’t wait! Then this stupid month will be over and I’ll be able to sleep late and wake up late and watch all the movies and videos I want without my parents giving me the evil eye. The only bad things are that I have results to wait for, and I’m going to start studying for my SATs soon… which is going to be scary! :S

    And I bet California isn’t as hot as it is over here! I live near the equator, so the air is always super humid. No matter how many baths you take — cold or hot don’t make a difference — you’re gonna feel sticky soon after. Plus, mosquitos. Those little bitches are the WORST.

    Either way, I think everyone can’t wait for the holidays to just start already. And I salute you for doing such an awesome job of blogging and studying (working?) at the same time! 😀

    • I havne’t seen the newest movie either! But I’ve heard it’s pretty good, so I’m not horribly worried 🙂 Just more concerned about the feels!

      Ohhh SATs. I remember those days. Just brush up on lots of geometry!

      yeah that’s the one thing about Cali that’s forgivable; it’s a super dry heat. No humidity for me please! And NO MOSQUITOS. NO.

      And it’s working 😉 I know it’s a bit odd since I’m barely older than my students haha. A lot of people say, “Wait, you can’t be a teacher. You don’t have your degree; you must be confused!”

  4. School is seriously the worst. The last month/weeks always take the longest too!

    Oh my gosh, I watched Spider-Man 2 on FX too, and had the same reactions! Andrew Garfield just has so much more charisma and plays Spidey like he’s actually young–as he is.

    I actually kind of think they did those shots in the hospital with Doc Ock in the style of an old-school horror movie, because Sam Raimi has horror roots. I don’t enjoy watching it, but I kind of got the point, I guess? BUT, I feel like if I want to watch a horror movie, I’ll watch a horror movie–not Spider-Man.

    And WHY is it so hot in California??? Aren’t you supposed to be the land of mild weather? I live in the Deep South and it’s been pretty lovely around here so far this year. I think the world is out of whack. 🙂

    • So glad we had the same response! I totally agree about Garfield – he has that enthusiastic charm that I can’t help but fall in love ❤

      Ehhh that explains it. I hate horror films, so there's no way I'd like the filming techniques.

      HAHAHAHA. Mild and California do NOT go together in summer, at least down here where I live. Maybe if I drove a few hours North, but not here.

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